Tuesday, May 15, 2007

70's Tuesday

Yep its the short lived comic book about a teenager in the White house.


Scot said...

Short-lived because someone finally read the US Constitution and realized the minimum age is 35 as set forth in Article 2, Section 1?
Or maybe it just really sucked.

mary bishop said...

Cripes, I'll be this comic is worth a bit of money! Too bad it wasn't a real vampire and the real prez!

Luke said...

It's no Brother Power, The Geek, but it'll do.

Luke said...

...and just so Scot doesn't blow a constitutional tube, here's how they made him president:

When 18 year olds were give the right to vote, they vote to amend the constitution to allow younger presidents. It wouldn't have been possible without the machinations of the most evil crimelord ever, BOSS SMILEY.

BONUS: Wikipedia is full of worthless crap.