Friday, March 30, 2007

My sweet Lord

Man cannot live on bread alone, but if he were to consume Cosimo Cavallaro's newest creation he could live off of Jesus -- for approximately eight months. An artist known for his eclectic forms of expression, Cavallaro's latest contribution to culture is a six-foot tall, anatomically-correct milk-chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ. His confectionary Christ is made with more than 200 pounds of chocolate, containing approximately 480,000 calories. (The artistic endeavor titled, "My Sweet Lord," can also give you 3,240 percent of the Vitamin A you need each day.)

Blackfoot on fire.

Hey my picture can be seen at website! Currently it is picture 92 of 92 Bitchin! (click on the name of this post to see the NBC site)

The area known as Blackfoot Mountain above the area known as Dark Canyon burning.
The news channels know this area as "NEAR UNIVERSAL CITY" It pisses me off that they dont know the names of local areas.

KIDS listen to me...

This is west of the Hollywood sign atop Mt. Lee. The spire at the top of the hill is where the hollywood sign is on the opposite side of the hill.

This has not burned since about 1978 and even then the fire did not come this far up the hill.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Faith No More (remember them?)

Its from 1997 but hell... Nobody has done a better vertigo themed video since.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The real Robert Frost

Robert Frost. 1875–1963
The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that, the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

The real Edith Bouvier Beale

"Two roads diverged in yellow woods,
and pondering one, I took the other,
and that made all the difference."

The fictional Edith Bouvier Beale

Around the world with stones and shells- the nicest one I lost
Aound the world without a boat- I'm just a quote from Frost
Two roads divurged in a yellow wood
A lovely crossing aul
Around the world
The world around the attic wall

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Disney vows to make yet another film they'll eventually refuse to show.

Disney's first black princess.
The Frog Princess will mark a return to traditional animation Disney's next animated fairy tale, The Frog Princess, will feature the studio's first black princess. Maddy is an African-American girl living amid the faded grandeur of New Orleans' French quarter. The movie will also see a return to the hand-drawn animation process, instead of using computer animation that has become the industry standard.
The film will be made by John Musker and Ron Clements, the team behind The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.
Walt Disney Studios chairman Dick Cook said: "The film's New Orleans setting and strong princess character give the film lots of excitement and texture." Composer and singer Randy Newman will provide music for the film, which promised an "unforgettable tale of love, enchantment and discovery with a soulful singing crocodile, voodoo spells and Cajun charm," a Disney spokesman said. The studio said its new princess will be added to its collection of animated princesses used at the company's theme parks and on consumer products.

The film is set for release in 2009.

Now lemme get this straight...
Disney struggles with the shadow of racism on a daily basis because... well... they have issues. So in order to improve their audience appeal and perhaps clean up their act all they could come up with is this.

Not a real princess in a land that can actually have princesses but a made up bullshit fake princess of New Orleans.

Why not start simple. Perhaps an animal story. Why everyone loves talking animals! Maybe a story about a panda. After all pandas are black... and white. That should have a broader appeal doncha think? Perhaps the panda can have a magic ring that grants wishes. Yeah thats it Magic Panda ring.
Disney's PandaRing.
That sounds about right.

I'll wait for the double feature blu-ray disc.
The Frog Princess
together with
Song of the South.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Jersey City resident Corey Andrew, like thousands of other job seekers, recently posted his profile on a popular career-based web site, hoping to nab some work as a copywriter. But the response he received was anything but typical. The posting on brought several potential suitors, including an Army recruiter who replied in late February.
However, Andrew had no interest in joining the Army for a number of reasons, including the military's ban on openly gay and lesbian citizens from putting on the uniform. Andrew identifies himself as gay.
His lack of interest didn't stop him from asking the recruiter whether he was able to serve in the Army as a gay man. The question sparked a bizarre three-day exchange, escalating into a bigoted tirade from the recruiter and an official military investigation.
Using a military email address, U.S. Army recruiter Sgt. Marcia Ramode fired off an email in capital letters that " IF YOU ARE GAY WE DON'T TAKE YOU. YOU ARE CONSIDERED UNQUALIFIED."
After more prodding from Andrew on the Army's recruitment policy, the messages escalated into a bigoted tirade. For example, Ramode told Andrew that "being gay is disgusting and immoral."
In a separate email, Ramode wrote, "You must be a total idiot and so stupid to presume that you do not know what gender you are." Ramode added that Andrew should be more grateful to the military for defending his freedoms, but that as a gay man "he should leave the United States."
The insults were not only flying one way, as Andrew criticized her vocabulary and poor spelling and, after finding out she was a Native American, wrote:
"So take that to your next rain dance."
Ramode didn't limit her email attacks to insults about Andrew's sexual preferences.Andrew, who is black, criticized Ramode's word choices and poor spelling. In response, the apparently enraged sergeant said in graphic language that Andrew should "GO BACK TO AFRICA AND DO YOUR GAY VOODOO LIMBO TANGO AND WANGO DANCE AND JUMP AROUND AND PRANCE AND RUN ALL OVER THE PLACE HALF NAKED THERE."
The U.S. Army Recruiting Command's Staff Judge Advocate has referred the email exchange to Ramode's commander for "review, investigation and appropriate action," Sgt. Douglas Smith, a public affairs officer based Fort Knox, Texas, said in a statement. Under the Department of Defense's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, recruiters do not ask applicants any questions about their sexual orientation.
"If an applicant makes a statement that he or she is homosexual, the recruiter must inform the applicant in a professional manner that they are not eligible for enlistment," the statement said.
Andrew, who is also a singer-songwriter and has worked for New York's advertising giant Young & Rubicam, said he thinks the Army contacted him because the Iraq war has made it harder to recruit.
Steve Ralls, a director of communications for the Service Members Legal Defense Network, which helps victims of discrimination under the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, says Ramode should be fired.
"The recruiter's remarks were outrageous and offensive in almost every way," Ralls said. "Anti-gay harassment throughout the military is well documented but this is particularly egregious because the recruiter's language is so homophobic and racist."
Ralls is relieved the Army appears to be taking the email exchange seriously.
"The command expects its recruiters to conduct themselves in a professional manner in all dealings with potential applicants and members of the public," said Smith of the Army. "We are ambassadors for America's Army."

Years later he'd say the same thing about "The Day the Clown Cried"

Dead Puppy returns from the Grave

A puppy in Nanjing returned home seven hours after its owner had buried it in a garden after the dog was hit by car.

The owner, surnamed Xu, was walking the dog last week when it suddenly ran into the middle of the road, where it was struck by a van. The dog was thrown into the air and then dropped heavily into nearby garden. Seeing that the dog had stopped breathing, Xu buried it in the garden.

Then in the afternoon Xu received a call from someone at his apartment who said a muddy, bloody dog was waiting outside Xu’s door. Li immediately took the dog to a pet hospital for treatment.

The dog has since recovered and is in good health. Xu said he assumed the dog had clawed its way out of the grave after regaining consciousness.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Its been a year!

The Majestic Butterhorn celebrates its first year this April. Be sure to stop by and say "hi".

Peruse the gallery and enjoy all the Magic Kingdom has to offer.
Scale The Majestic Butterhorn

At least they ain't on the streets doing druuuuuugs.

But the alternative is pretty sucky indeed.
1. "TMNT," $25.45 million. Why? Why is this number one? How could it have beat out...
2. "300," $20.5 million.

Are parents that desperate to get the kids out of the house? Or Are they desperate to have a family outing? Seriously... what mother would sit thru this TMNT film when Meet the Robinsons comes out next week?

My theory:
Deadbeat dad film. This is a film a non caring distant dad would take his "kid" to.

So the world is full of those types of dads.

The Garden of OZ

Below the Hollywood sign is a a garden with a pathway literally paved with yellow bricks, overflowing with colorful flowers, and decorated with tiled mosaics and beaming with an energy of giddiness usually reserved for the holiday season or an acid trip. Outside the gate, locked unfortunately, is a mailbox that reads "Letters to Oz", making me anticipate a crazy flying monkey that could swoop beside me to make a pick up and delivery at any time.

Since entry inside was restricted, I ignored the "no pictures" request, but spent a minute taking a closer look at what could be hundreds of small toys that were glued or otherwise embedded in the rock work that lined the curb, from old Matchbox cars to the Sesame Street's Count.
A little web research upon my return only made the Garden of Oz more legendary. Apparently the Great and Wonderful Oz has given all the children who live nearby a key to get inside whenever they please. And the Dali Llama once sent 15 of his monks to bless the garden which features menorahs, statues, and mandalas from all over the world.

This is on the block where I grew up. The house directly across from the garden is where I picked up my fear of ventriloquist dolls. Ask me about it someday. I may have had enough therapy to talk about it freely. This was not here in the early 70's If it was I would have been able to escape that damn kid and his doll.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Chatsworth Nike missles

From the mid-1950s into the '60s, Nike and Hercules missiles protected the Valley and its many defense plants from attack. Four sites could be easily observed. In the Santa Susana Mountains, a missile battery designated as LA88 could be seen in upper Browns Canyon from 1956 to 1965, and its command center was visible on Oat Mountain. A second battery -- with live missiles right amid the suburbs -- known as LA96 operated at 15990 Victory Boulevard in Van Nuys from 1957 to 1971. Its observation post was in the Santa Monica Mountains above Tarzana, along Mulholland Drive on San Vicente Mountain. Decommissioned buildings or remnants remain at each site.

OAT MOUNTAIN Nike Missles above Chatsworth.

Local hot spots long past

Zulu Hut
Sometimes called Zululand, this open-air stand with an African jungle theme advertised as "half-mile beyond Universal City on Ventura Boulevard." Proprietor Raymond McKee dubbed himself the Zulu Chief and waiters in blackface served squab and fried chicken under rustling palms. Open until 2 a.m., the Zulu Hut was something of a roadhouse sensation in the 1920s.

Chris' & Pitts
The last Valley restaurant in the SoCal barbecue chain, at 13237 Victory Boulevard in Van Nuys, closed in 2003 and was torn down for another Walgreen's drugstore. The neon sign was saved in the collection of the Museum of Neon Art in downtown Los Angeles.

Monkey Island
This unusual amusement was located at 3300 Cahuenga Boulevard, on the Valley side of Cahuenga Pass—the Times usually described it as on Ventura Boulevard. Operated by Adolph Weiss, Monkey Island opened December 9, 1938. A large herd of monkeys, numbering in the hundreds, roamed over an "island" about 150 feet long, with a 40-foot plastic mountain, surrounded by moats and covered with netting. There were palm trees, swings and billy oats for the monkeys to amuse themselves, and waterfalls where they could keep cool. Visitors paid to come in and watch the monkeys and feed them peanuts and vegetables. When the moats were drained in August, 1940, about 100 monkeys fled. Weiss calmly told police "they'll be back," and most apparently did return at feeding time. Escapes were common. Filmaker Warren Miller recalls monkey island:
"I had come to visit a new tourist attraction that was built right near the first Valley stop on The Pacific Electric Railroad, the route of the Big Red Cars. Some investor had built a 40-foot-high, fake plaster and cement mountain and surrounded it with a 20-foot-wide moat of slimy, green, stagnant water. The attraction was 100 undernourished, morose monkeys sitting on the concrete mountain watching you watching them. For 10 cents, you could watch the monkeys. For another five cents, you could buy a bag of peanuts and throw them to the monkeys."
When Monkey Island closed is unknown. It is now a city park.

Cinnamon Cinder
The alcohol-free dance club for teenagers opened in 1962 at 11345 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. Owned by KRLA disc jockey Bob Eubanks, the club spawned a TV show, a national chain of teen clubs and a pop record by the house band called "Cinnamon Cinder." In 1964, Eubanks produced the Beatles first Los Angeles appearance, at the Hollywood Bowl, and brought them to the club for a press conference that turned into a mini-riot.

Its the new 20!

My dear friend Emmapeel007,

Welcome to the club.

Try not to beat yourself over the head with it.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Quick... Name the product and its use! Now before the video is over!

Yep its a four minute plus commercial for an actual product. Can you name the type of product and the brand name? The brand name is easy because they say it like a gazillion times but the type of product had me stumped.

Guess #1:
RU486 day after pill

Guess #2:
Maxi pad

Guess #3:
little mishapen dildos with childrens faces on them. Made by children for children. (A long shot to be sure but if you get half way thru the song it is a possibility)

All three guesses were so so very wrong.


I want to throw up.
Now if it were peeps and not little gummy squares I'd be all up in that there machine!

Union PSA

Thursday, March 22, 2007

i'm a monster.

After last night's feast of peepsmores I find the following link completely repulsive.

peeps offical site

That damn bunny never brought me Sgt.Peepers!

For those of you stuck in the 80's

Peeple rain

Awww. Remember 7-up and its cheaper rival Bubble-up

All in the past.
Now its Sprite and Slice.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A perfect blend of Lennon and Peep

I Hate Huckabees

Possibly the best director freak -out ever!

Hoffman was just trying to help. Its clear Tomlin is unhappy.

I laugh at their pain.

And the parting words from Tomlin....

This is comedy gold!

here is the entire car freak out. the audio is out of sync.

And check out this interview:
If we can only be in the "now"
What a bunch of crap!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Say Goodbye.

I'm sorry to see that THE BALTIMORE FOOTSTOMPER has decided to pack it in. The Blog THE CYBER THIEF (in my links) has been a wonderful source of information and entertainment. Each song a gem and worth much more than the effort it took you to arrive at the page. The blog was a goldmine.

Goodbye my music friend.

John McCain needs a new new publicist.... Anyone? (crickets)

Q: “So no contraception, no counseling on contraception. Just abstinence. Do you think contraceptives help stop the spread of HIV?”
Mr. McCain: (Long pause) “You’ve stumped me.”

Q: “I mean, I think you’d probably agree it probably does help stop it?”

Mr. McCain: (Laughs) “Are we on the Straight Talk express? I’m not informed enough on it. Let me find out. You know, I’m sure I’ve taken a position on it on the past. I have to find out what my position was. Brian, would you find out what my position is on contraception – I’m sure I’m opposed to government spending on it, I’m sure I support the president’s policies on it.”

Q: “But you would agree that condoms do stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Would you say: ‘No, we’re not going to distribute them,’ knowing that?”

Mr. McCain: (Twelve-second pause) “Get me Coburn’s thing, ask Weaver to get me Coburn’s paper that he just gave me in the last couple of days. I’ve never gotten into these issues before.”

As of early 2006, AIDS has killed over 25 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.
John McCain doesn not know if condoms help prevent the spread of HIV or AIDS. Try asking any 10 year old Mr McCain.

Ya know... Way back when I dated a girl who didn't know what a moth was. I had to explain to her it was an "UGLY BUTTERFLY." John McCain reminds me of that girl.

**click on the title of this post to read the full article

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Toon Dingus

The statue of Mickey Mouse in TOONTOWN looks like he has a mouseboner if you view him from the west.

The Statue of Walt in front of the castle also looks like he has a little wood if viewed from the west as well.

Peeps cant get any better... or can they?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fresh italian

Italian does not make Will Smith hot.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rottura Della Prigione

Too bad Wentworth Miller doesn't really speak Italian. He'd be much hotter if he did.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Compare the mixes.

David Lynch's ps2 commercial

bambi 2000

just kidding

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon's top general expressed regret Tuesday that he called homosexuality immoral, a remark that drew a harsh condemnation from members of Congress and gay advocacy groups.

In a newspaper interview Monday, Marine Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had likened homosexual acts to adultery and said the military should not condone it by allowing gays to serve openly in the armed forces.

In a statement Tuesday, he said he should have focused more in the interview on the Defense Department policy about gays — and "less on my personal moral views."

He did not offer an apology, something that had been demanded by gay rights groups.

This is the way of the world. Express what you feel and if someone complains say that you were "Just kidding".

Oh I cant say that (insert very bad joke here.)

That's so gay.
its a harmless schoolyard taunt.

I hate gays.
oh no I don't.

I didn't call him a faggot.
Oh I did sorry...sort of.

The statement and the retraction has become very popular.
I'm not buying it. Its a very insidious way to spread hatred.
If you say it with intent to alienate segregate or just plain hate... there is no apology.

Oh wait better yet don't apologize just "Express regret." Just how exactly do you express regret anyhoo?
Is it a dance?

The expression of regret is the most chickenshit thing I have heard in all my days.
Its not an apology.
Its a way to say I hate you and I dont need to apologize.
Hatred is on the rise my friends.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bury it deep down...

The thing that makes me laugh is Mickey pulling down the pictures from the wall.

The first picture is a screen capture from the laserdisc of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT. It is one in a series of four frames that shows Jessica Rabbit is not wearing panties. All other releases of the film have had these frames altered in order to save children from seeing where little cartoon children come from.

The second picture is from FANTASIA. If you are a proud owner of the 3 disc ultimate box set of FANTASIA and FANTASIA 2000 (and the bonus disc) you own the most complete, fully restored, uncut, mega version of this film. Or so Disney wants you to believe. They lied to you. They lied to everyone in the whole world when they said that film was fully restored.
The second picture Mickey takes down from the wall is of "Sunflower". Sunflower was completely removed from the film for the 1969 re-issue and every re-issue thereafter. The character appears three times during the film and all three have sections of the film have been cut out to ensure you never see that character again. The 50th anniversary DVD is so badly edited that after removal of the third appearance of dear Sunflower, the sound track isn't matching up with the film any more. In fact it's really out of sync.

Favorite exchange in this clip:
"Your supposed to be funny?"


This will make no sense to anyone... but I have to post it.

Life isn't that funny but the alternative sucks even more

Richard Jeni, a standup comedian who played to sold-out crowds, was a regular on the "Tonight Show" and appeared in movies, died of a gunshot wound in an apparent suicide, police said Sunday. Police found the 45-year-old comedian alive but gravely injured in a West Hollywood home when they responded to a call Saturday morning from Jeni's girlfriend, Los Angeles Police Officer Norma Eisenman said. Eisenman said the caller told police: "My boyfriend shot himself in the face."

Jeni died at a nearby hospital.

Eisenman said suicide had not been officially confirmed and the investigation was continuing.

This makes me sad.
OK so I was going to post an audio blog today but I realized I have nothing to say.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Friday, March 9, 2007

fast food?

The Petticoat 5. A look at the first computer by women for women


See what happening on the BBC on this very special day.

And you can look at the screen again... AGGGGH!

Damn this show is funny. Lets hope it never gets Americanized.

Look Around You- Iron

Look Around You- Music

Download Jack Morgans hit single "Little Mouse" HERE

Look Around You- Maths

Remember the final takes place on April the 4th of September.


Thursday, March 8, 2007

pea brain

Laugh now punk.

Eaglerocks new spokesperson?

I have to go wash my eyes. This is one horrible commercial.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The ( ) Monologues

Girls Who Said 'Vagina' During Monologues Suspended.

Defiant Stand Applauded By Play's Author.
A Westchester, N.Y., public high school has suspended three 16-year-old girls for saying the word "vagina" during a reading from "The Vagina Monologues." John Jay High School Principal Richard Leprine said the girls were punished because they disobeyed orders not to say the word "vagina." The school is in Cross River.
Their stand is being applauded by Eve Ensler, the author of "The Vagina Monologues," who said the girls were right for "standing up for art and against censorship." Ensler called the school's position "a throwback to the Dark Ages."
Ensler, a graduate of Scarsdale High School, said she called the girls to support them. Honor students Megan Reback, Elan Stahl and Hannah Levinson, included the word because -- as Levinson said "we knew it was the right thing to do. Since we're comfortable saying it, we should make other people comfortable saying it."
The excerpt from "Monologues" was read Friday night, among various readings at an event sponsored by the literary magazine. The girls will all serve one-day, in-school suspensions Wednesday.

The Majestic Butterhorn

33rd Psalm -
The Mouse is my shepherd: I surely want.
He maketh me to keep off the green pastures: he leadeth me beside the vending cart. He restoreth my hunger: he leadeth me in the paths of Mouse shaped ice cream sandwiches for his name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the Magic, I will fear no Kingdom: for thou eats with me: thy churro and thy turkey leg comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of his Princesses: thou stuff my head with sweet sweet treats: my cup runneth over, its defective! Surely high blood pressure and transfats shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will feast with the mouse forever.

The Majestic Butterhorn

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What do you do if your Karma is in danger?

So... whaddaya do when you find a statment online that actually says someone is going to murder somebody?

Seriously. What do you do?
I mean I want to ignore it but... what if its not a joke? What if people die.

I found the following posted on ebaums world and this person appears to hate men and is planning on killing some tomorrow.

So I sent the screen cap to Ebaums world and ABC channel 7 news.
That puts the karma on them and not me. Its like the stolen goods of karma.
Ain't my problem now.

cant get enough!

Yesterdays future today.

This parody of 1980's edutainment has me rolling.

One word makes the last clip the best thing I've seen in a year:

Monday, March 5, 2007


Traveltown is a sad place. Every time I go there a child is crying. Not wimpering but crying as if he or she has just broken an arm kinda crying.

I just realized why that is.
Every time I go to traveltown I slip and fall. I mean like everytime since I was 5.

I realized it today as I slipped and whacked my elbow on a locomotive. The same damn one I slipped on last time I was there.
I can't be the only one.
I hate this place.

Lake Hollywood March 5th 2007

mmm mmm mmm mmm roadkill

Muppets Lab is at California Adventure

Ya gotta admit its pretty cool.

A remote control animatronic segway that interacts with the crowd and doesnt kill them.
Segways used to have a nasty little problem. There was a chip that guides the balance of the unit. The chips would overheat, blow out and hurl the passengers at breakneck speed to the pavement.
I just cant wait for the news that this has been pulled due to mechanical problems. On the most recent incarnation of the segway that problem has not surfaced.
See it before a child gets crushed.

Ah HAAAH ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

My christmas card for next year.

Pen sneaking outside.