Friday, March 2, 2007

Principal Charged With Selling Meth From School Office

As authorities stormed into a middle school office to arrest an alleged meth-dealing principal inside, they found an even more surprising scene inside.
Sources said 50-year-old John Acerra, of Allentown, was naked and watching gay pornography when they arrived at Nitschmann Middle School in Bethlehem to arrest him on Tuesday. Acerra also had sex toys, drugs, cash and a pipe in his school office when authorities stormed his office, the sources added.
He remained jailed on $200,000 bail Thursday night, police said.
After the bust, one of his neighbors (oddly identified only as "Crystal") said they still couldn't believe the whole situation.
"It's pretty sad if you're supposed to be the principal of children that you're suppose to be molding," the woman said. "Maybe not be a hero but someone a child could look up to. To do that, it's pretty disgusting."
After learning of Acerra's alleged drug dealing, police sent an informant -- who said the principal sold meth to them from his school office in the past -- police moved fast to make an arrest because it was allegedly happening on school grounds.

And thats not the last time you'll hear this story.

Under the current administration he is a perfect canidate for the death penalty.


Anonymous said...

Sorry the executive branch doesn't set criminal penalties. They can encourage prosecution but I don't think that will be a problem in this case.

Anonymous said...

He was my princibal at the time. His neighbor, Crystal was a 14 year old girl that got held back about three times. He was a terrific principal and the story has gotten incredably warpped.