Friday, March 30, 2007

Blackfoot on fire.

Hey my picture can be seen at website! Currently it is picture 92 of 92 Bitchin! (click on the name of this post to see the NBC site)

The area known as Blackfoot Mountain above the area known as Dark Canyon burning.
The news channels know this area as "NEAR UNIVERSAL CITY" It pisses me off that they dont know the names of local areas.

KIDS listen to me...

This is west of the Hollywood sign atop Mt. Lee. The spire at the top of the hill is where the hollywood sign is on the opposite side of the hill.

This has not burned since about 1978 and even then the fire did not come this far up the hill.


WAT said...

This was fun to watch from my work building today.

Thank God no one got hurt. Dumb meddling arson teenagers!

Gavin Elster said...

Punk ass kids from outta state staying at oakwook cause mommy ain't got her act together yet. Oakwood houses idiot actors who work on Warner Bros pilots and wayward parents who are awaiting trial.

BTW they were teenagers "playing with a lighter"
WTF a five year old plays with a lighter a teen has a purpose.
They were lighting off illigal fireworks. (lets see how long it takes for that to hit the media) Stupid punks wernt even doing anything cool like cooking heroin or suckin the glass dick.

Luke said...

It's not so much that NBC doesn't know the real names of the areas- it's that the people watching don't know them. The "Near Universal City" tag gives a lot more people a rough idea of the location. Now, should they mention the proper names of the location? Of course they should, and it's lame that they didn't, but that's not the purpose of the crawl.