Sunday, August 31, 2008

The List

Hey kiddies!
If you really want to feel old try compiling a list of things younger than you!

Here is my list.

Rolling Stone Magazine.
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
The ATM Machine
Boeing 737’s
Redwood National Park
The Aswan Dam in Egypt.
Commercial Jumbo Jet Service.
Fed Ex
Pocket Calculators.
Soft Contact lenses
Digital Watches.
All Video Games.
Fiber optics.
Consumer Microwave Ovens
The Sears Tower in Chicago
Genetic Engineering
MRI Scanners.
Matt Damon
Pirates of the Caribbean (The Ride)
Bic Disposable Razors.
Digital Cameras
Madeline Kahn's entire film and television career.
Laser printers
Apple Computer Company
Ink Jet Printers
The World Trade Center in New York
All Cell Phones
In Vitro Fertilization
Sony Walkman and all like-designed devices.
Magic Mountain
Fax Machines
Post-it Notes
Jason Gould
All CDs And DVDs
Space Shuttles
The Hole in the Ozone Layer.
The Human Gnome Project
All Laptop Computers
The Nicotene Patch

Why in my day…

Smallpox was a real disease and The Queen Mary was functional vessel.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Come on... you gotta love ANIMAL COPS!

So I get this apology to a hate post today

Hello. I am writing to formally issue an apology. I am sorry for
attacking you over something so petty. Although this may only lead to
me getting more revved up, the truth is I came across your commentary
on earth shoes because I have been on crutches for the past two weeks
(and I am sure you really don't care) but I was told that I was no
longer allowed to wear converse and had to invest in some nice shoes.
To top that off, I am incredibly disappointed in the country at the
moment, and although your political views are none of my business, I
am a liberal, vegetarian, going into environmental science and reading
your excerpt gave me the impression that you are a heartless,
republican, narrow minded asshole, and although it is entirely
possible that you are, that is none of my fucking business whatsoever.
So, I apologize for taking my frustrations with the environment and
my currently crippled physical condition out on you. Five years ago
when I thought I was a punk rock, chaos loving, 16 year old, I am sure
I would have found that blog rather amusing. So now, I am a hypocrite
and a prick, and I will blame it on pms and get on with it.

(name removed)

P.S. were you offering me a hug? just kidding. I really am sorry.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Neverending Thursday

It was a Book Donchaknow.

In Michael Ende's most well-known novel, Bastian Balthazar Bux is a lonely, overweight boy whose mother is dead and whose father is so wrapped in grief he barely acknowledges Bastian's existence. (Oooo I really want to see this on the big screen I hope this gets made into three movies, a series, a cartoon and more someday!)

Read about the book here.

Oh my. Next weeks neverending fiasco is a doozie!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Atomic Wednesday

What do Ruth, Dixie, Shasta Butternut, Seersucker and Mink all have in common? Aside from being "Drag" names they were all names of nuclear tests conducted at the Nevada Test Site between 1951 and 1962. A total of 928 atmospheric and underground nuclear tests were conducted at the NTS and each of those tests were christened with a name.
Beginning with Trinity, the first atomic test in 1945, nuclear tests were all assigned code names as a security measure during wartime operations. Test planners and scientists assigned seemingly innocuous code names or inventive nicknames to each test. It is a shame that the names given were not reflective of the devices power or destructive abilities. It would seem fitting to blame your cancer on something that was called "Devastator" instead, you get to blame it on something called "Butternut."

Although the names may seem ironically whimsical, there was a "formal" procedure by which test names were approved. A list of possible names was submitted for internal review, where inappropriate or previously used names were removed form the list. The remaining names were then sent to the U.S. Department of Energy Headquarters in Washington D.C. here the final approvals were made in coordination with "other" government agencies. The approved lists of names were returned to the NTS for future use.

While most of the names met with approval, there was one notable instance of a test name rejection. In 1969, Loa Alamos National Laboratory conducted Operation Mandrel, A series of tests names for grasses such as Seaweed, Jorum, Mintleaf and Cumarin. A proposed name of a test to be conducted in October of that year was "Ganja". Officials decided that calling a nuclear test after the most popular recreational drug of that year was not a good idea and changed the test name to "Milrow," a seismic calibration test conducted in Amchitka Alaska. (These test were deemed too large to occur in the continental U.S. so thank God for Alaska.)

Milrow along with two other test, Long Shot and the devastating Cannikin, not only caused irreversible damage to the island, they alone were responsible for the formation of Greenpeace.
So, I guess something good came as a result of the nuclear program.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tiki Tuesday

Marc Davis, originally uploaded by scottyferguson.

concept art.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Banana and Bacon Sandwich

Ahhh Monkeybacon!

Monday is goofy picture day.


Yep its a real mutant pig with a monkeyface.


Monday is goofy picture day.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kirk Lazarus in SATAN'S ALLEY

In a time when to be different, was to be condemned...

...and to be condemned, was to DIE... man...

...dared to question his god.

Starring five-time Academy Award winner Kirk Lazarus, and MTV Movie Award "Best Kiss" winner Tobey Maguire.

Website found here

The website is pretty slim on info but it does include everything a film website shouldn't. Improper highlights and animation, and minimal production information, useless buddy icons. I hope they post the trailer soon. I can't stop laughing.
"Crying monkey" indeed!

Mr. & Mrs. James Bond

Mr. & Mrs. James Bond, originally uploaded by Hilly_Blue.

Mrs. James Bond

Mrs. James Bond, originally uploaded by Hilly_Blue.


Tracy, originally uploaded by Hilly_Blue.

Tracy Di Vicenzo

Tracy Di Vicenzo, originally uploaded by Hilly_Blue.

Suicide Wear

Suicide Wear, originally uploaded by Hilly_Blue.

Tracy's Ski Costume

Tracy's Ski Costume, originally uploaded by Hilly_Blue.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Robbie's secret "issue"

Robbie still has it.

Photographer: Anne. Now were just going to do one more set up with Robbie. You doing alright Honey?

Anne: I'm Damn tired can I sit down for a few minutes? My feet are killing me and these damn shorts itch like motherfu..

Photog: Sure baby, sure. Joe grab that ... grab that step ladder will ya?

Joe: Um this thing is broken the safety lever won"t go down.

Photog: Just get the Goddamned ladder will ya!

Joe: Sure. sure. Heres ya go Miss Anne.

Photog: Anne, Baby, Why don't you take a seat at the top there and Robbie... ROBBIE! Robbie get in there and um... Why dont you rub Anne's feet.

Anne: Oh come on what's this got to do with the movie? I mean really this is redicu.. Oh thats not bad.


Photog: Great thats (chuckles) Great. Okay Anne you can get down now.

Anne: He won't let go. ROBBIE LET GO! OH for chrissakes he's got my shoe. Now where is he going?

Anne: He's coming back right? Right?

Friday, August 22, 2008

I got this hate comment.

"It is sad that such pitifully ignorant souls as yourself exist in the world. It would really be a better place if someone took action to rid said world of such lost individuals as yourself.


WTF? And to top it off it was on this post:
Final Foot Solution?

Somebody with a 1945 attitude likes their shoes just a little too much.

another bad nut idea.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

You did what? New Orleans

You did what? New Orleans, originally uploaded by battyward.

Battyward has some nice images on flickr.

Somewhere between LIFE and SORRY there is...

Let My People Go, originally uploaded by battyward.

Neverending Thursday

It was a cartoon doncha know.
Originally aired in 2001 Only 25 episodes aired. The cartoon is based on a mixture of the book and its characters and of the movies. However, it is a cartoon showing early Saturday and Sunday mornings, which means that it is directed to the youngsters and oftentimes specifically sends out a blatant moral message.

In the book, "But that's another story and shall be told another time" is a repeated phrase encouraging the reader to continue exploring the imagination. The cartoon now tells those other stories. Bastian picks up The Neverending Story and begins imagining more adventures, with friend Barktroll (a creature that is part tree, part troll). Those who oppose him often are Xayide and Nimbly.

On videotape...Three episodes are on a 90-minute tape being sold from $9.95 to $14.95. The episodes on the tape are The Belt Of Invisibility, The Three Feeling Stone, and Tears Of Sadness.
No DVD has been slated.

Who knew there were so many incarnations of this damn story. It truly doesn't end.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Confounding Fathers


Atomic Wednesday

A short post this week. A little busy.

Operation: Teapot
Test: Turk (device name: Linda)
Time: 13:20 7 March 1955 (GMT)
5:20 7 March 1955 (PST)
Location: Nevada Test Site (NTS), Area 2
Test Height and Type: 500 Foot Tower Shot
Yield: 43 kt
This was a UCRL test of a primary for the XW-27 Class "D" (light weight) thermonuclear weapon. The device, named LINDA, was a mockup of the XW-27 radiation case and was 30.5 inches by 61.3 inches and weighed 2325 lb. Expected yield was 45 kt.

Photo shows how the atomic bomb blast in Nevada looked over Los Angeles from the roof of the Statler Hotel (Wilshire grand). Note the sharpness of City Hall (right background), the Richfield Building (right foreground) and other buildings in the area. Ridge of mountains is also sharply outlined. Photo dated: March 7, 1955.

Fallout from Turk reached 3008 counties The worst hit was Inyo California.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tiki Tuesday

Los Angeles, Jul 19, 2008, originally uploaded by scottyferguson.

inside Tiki Ti

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tell someone. Tell everyone in the whole goddamn town whydoncha?

Got something to say? Dial this number +4790369389 . This will blast your phonecall from windpowered megaphones that sits above a quaint little village in Norway.

Read all about it here.

Godzilla roars. Giant "THEM" ant noises. Riiiiiii cooooolaaaaaaa! whatever you want. As long as the wind is blowing and the line is not busy Norway is your key to cheap therapy. Offer void after September 6th.

Monday is goofy picture day.

Monday is goofy picture day.

It's bread. It's a loaf of bread. Only boys get the lil' trout.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Genetic (taste) testing

Yeah well at least shes working. Kudos for earning a living.

The ghost of JonBenet says-

As the ghost of Cindy Williams looks on. Wait. Cindy Williams is still alive. It must be the ghost of her career looking on.

Jobs you can get that will put your Price Albert to use.

1. Play "Tarzan" on broadway.

2. Understudy for" Tarzan " on broadway.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Animation Friday

Now who will open my jar of rainbows?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meanwhile... In Downtown Gotham...

And so it goes

Neverending Thursday

It was a series donchaknow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If your kid ever asks, just show this.

Atomic Wednesday

Project: Upshot Knothole

Test: Harry
Time: 12:05 19 May 1953 (GMT)
05:05 19 May 1953 (local)

Location: Nevada Test Site (NTS), Area 3
Test Height and Type: 300 Foot Tower
Yield: 32 kt

This device, known as HAMLET, was designed by Ted Taylor at Los Alamos and holds the distinction of being the most efficient pure fission design with a yield below 100 kt ever exploded (the most efficient fission weapon of any size was the 500 kt Ivy King also designed by Taylor). This implies an unusually effective compression of the fissile material. The design is noted as being a test of a new hollow core design. It may be that this was the first device to use a hollow core, earlier levitated core devices being solid cores suspended inside a hollow tamper. It is also possible that a two stage levitation scheme may have been used to further intensify the shock compression. Predicted yield was 37 kt.

HAMLET used the TX-13D heavy weight strategic bomb design. The system was 56 inches in diameter and 66 inches long and weighed 7000 lb (without the outer bomb case), full weight was 8000 lb. A betatron was used for initiation. This design was never deployed because the design optimization chosen - using a large heavy bomb to get an efficient yield out of a small amount of fissile material - was obsolete in an era of rapidly expanding fissile material supply and with thermonuclear weapons nearing deployment status.

The Harry shot is notable for another reason. It resulted in the heaviest contamination of "downwinders" - civilians living downwind of the Nevada test Site - of any U.S. continental test, as measured by external gamma ray exposure.

For the period up to the end of 1958 (through Operation Hardtack II) it is estimated that a cumulative total of 85,000 person-roentgens of external gamma ray exposure occurred. Of this, Harry contributed 30,000 by itself.

137 miles downwind of the test area, in a location called Snow Canyon, the Howard Hughes film entitled "The Conquerer" was being filmed. Director Dick Powell , cast and crew went about their business as if this were any other film set. They had no idea how this experience would profoundly affect their lives. They were aware of the testing even to the point of John Wayne having a geiger counter on set however, at that time, no one really knew the effects radiation could have on a human being.

They found out.

The set was contaminated by nuclear fallout. After location shooting, an estimated 60 tons of dirt from the location was transported back to Hollywood in order to match interior shooting done there. Scores of cast and crew members developed forms of cancer over the next two decades, many more than the normal percentage of a random group of this size. Quite a few died from cancer or cancer-related problems, including John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Pedro Armendáriz (who shot himself to death soon after learning he had terminal cancer), Agnes Moorehead, Thomas Gomez, John Hoyt and director Dick Powell. People magazine researched the subsequent health of the cast and crew, which it published in November 1980. By the time of the article's publication, 91 of the 220 members of the film's cast and crew had contracted cancer, and half of these had died from the disease. The figures did not include several hundred local American Indians who served as extras on the set. Nor did it include relatives who had visited cast and crew members on the set, such as the Duke's son Michael Wayne. The People article quoted the reaction of a scientist from the Pentagon's Defense Nuclear Agency to the news: "Please, God, don't let us have killed John Wayne".

For this reason alone this test has since been known as "Dirty Harry."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Man on Crutch Vomiting. Cup Fragment

Greek, made in Athens, about 500 B.C.
Red-figured kylix fragment attributed to Onesimos as painter.
A man supporting himself on a walking stick bends over to vomit from too much wine and revelry. The consequences of immoderate drinking were popular subjects on this type of cup. They were shown with playful humor that probably did not carry a moralizing or cautionary message.