Sunday, March 4, 2007

Stalking someone elses cats


Unknown said...

Hey dear! Nice to see your lovely changeling face at ma haus. I've been illing. I have RA and it is the cause of my tendon ruptures and other wrist tr oubles. Typing is very hard so i've been avoiding.

I've had wrist fusion, and 3 tendon transfers among other lovely things done. I have a plate in my wrist now, as well.

But...i'm still cute.


Hope you're well too! Your kitties are precious and lovely. I'm into grey kitties.

Gavin Elster said...

HOLY COW! What an ordeal. Thank you for enduring pain to let me know whats going on. I'll be sending positive energy out into the universe and its got your name all over it.

(These are not my cats. They are cared for by someone else. I thought they were cute so i snuck some pictures of them and thought I'd share)

RadioFreeCatlandia said...

Meow. Very respectful.