Friday, March 2, 2007

Brady Quinn

Whatever team gets Brady Quinn...thats the team I'll be rootin' for.
He's so hot with his goofy hair and fine-ass ass.

Too bad football players only seem to look good for about 4 years before they "HIT THE WALL." They quickly travel down the road to becoming ugly micodermabrased, greasyfaced, ESPN talking heads.


WAT said...

Yep, Tom Brady looks like hell now compared to this stunning BRADY kid.

Luke said...

He looks kinda doofusy to me.

Gavin Elster said...

I think his slightly bungalow look is hot.
Get the ball... gettheball. Bring me the ball... bringmetheball.
Drop it.
Duhrop it. Good brady.
He's like 6 foot 17. I never think tall guys are hot. he's hot. he's the one tall guy I think is hot. Plus he can actually play ball.

Unknown said...

Damn, he is hot and a cutie!