Thursday, May 10, 2007


NASA has created a trailer to get the world excited about the upcoming manned trip to the moon.
This misguided attempt to create excitement about our space program features some very ominous and foreboding music. This is as if the next moon trip will be a Michael Bay film where nothing of interest happens.
Enjoy Nasa's coming attraction.

Be sure to click the title of this post. You'll be redirected to NASA's webpage on the CONSTELLATION PROGRAM. It doesn't tell you why the astronauts are building what looks to be a gigantoid bomb on the moon.

For those people who want to see a presentation on the mission thats a little more realistic here is the ultra boring highlights of the mission.

This narration-less animatic is just begging for some good ol' ADR work. MST3000 style.

KTLA in the mornin' as I'm brushin' my Herrrrrr. (I can't get that promo out of my head)

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WAT said...

I thought the moon landing was fake.