Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Four years ago today this idiot stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier and claimed the major conflict in Iraq was over.

This is the moment when they stopped paying troops combat pay.


mary bishop said...


Luke said...

There's just some minor cleanup left. I'm sure we'll be finished in a couple of days, and the Iraqi people can enjoy the new, free, safe country we've helped them create.

Gavin Elster said...

Do we get to add another star to our flag or did we stop doing that with Puerto Rico?

mary bishop said...

I think bush should get a boil on his ass for every soldier who died.

Gavin Elster said...

I think we should parboil his ass for every human and animal that lost life or the quality of during ths war and the bloody conflict that has occured sine the mission was accomplished four years ago.
I wonder if a country would ever be able to help the usa like we helped them? Armed strangers speaking a strange language going house to house looking for terrorists in any town in the U.S. would probibly be frowned upon. But then again we think its ok to do this in Iraq. You know what... here is a scary thought:
I'm going to model my life after the US government... just scale it down. Ya think I'd be popular?