Friday, May 25, 2007

No No no there is no "N"

Welcome to Korea's amusement park EVERLAND.
A fantasyland where pigs fly from nostrils of larger pigs and the guests are pollinated during the parade via a "Special Injection Device". A place where there are more smoking areas than rides.

(In the area noted as AMERICAN ADVENTURE this ride urges you to take over the Eagle's fortress.-ge)
"Eagle Fortress (Q-pass)
The first hanging coaster in Asia! The rail is above to bring even more drilling experience!! Rotate in side ways for more heart pumping experience!!
Courageous one! Take over the Eagle Fortress!!
Type of use: Roller coaster type
Standard of use: Height of 120cm or taller
Restriction of operation: This is an outdoor facility that cannot be operated when raining"

(But wait there is seasonal fun to be had!!! Like the HAPPY HALLOWEEN PARTY-ge)

"Happy Halloween Party" is the core entertainment of festival with 4 Floats, 4 air shot card, 4 candy chariots.
With the total length of 400m for 30 minutes of action with the 11 character performers and a total of 50 performance groups to make it a fun and exciting Halloween party.
Furthermore, at the end of parade, tens of thousands of Halloween sponge ball spraying into the air and this is something for you to see.
The biggest thing to see of "Happy Halloween Party" is the Float with the different theme with Pumpkin Fairy Float, Pipe Organ Float, Dracula Castle Float, and Cemetery Tomb Float.
Each individual float has special injection device that sprayed the Halloween pollen.

(after you are pollinated you might be hungry.-ge)
The enriched food of Germany, represented in sausage and ham, are available.
Germany-style pork feet, "Haxen" is a traditional food at October Fest in Munich that this is hard to find food in Korea.
Also, roasted corn with spicy barbecue pork rib, roast chicken and fried potato and chicken, handmade sausage and other German meals for you to enjoy.
Together with this, salad, chicken fajita, tortilla, various smoked sausages and others are available for family and lovers to enjoy.

(Another gem of a parade.-ge)
Super Oinks Parade
The parade is 450m large-scale parade with super oinks three brothers and Everland performance teams. There are three super oinks floats and two snowmen floats and 36 characters showing up. Those characters will be all out to dance with visitors twice during the parade and on-the-spot street event distributing make-a-wish paper will unfold.
The highlight of the parade is that a mini-pig doll is launched from the nostril of a super oink character. This surprise event shows 5cm size mini pig doll flies high in the sky at the finale part.

(A few of the costumed people you'll meet in the park Click image to enlarge and read descriptions-ge)

(Please click on the title of this post to visit the website of this wonderful theme park called EVERLAND-ge)

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