Sunday, February 11, 2007


Holy calzone! I popped over to MarksPlanet and he had posted a few videos from SOLID GOLD. It shook something in my brain to check youtube for MV3 and BINGO! There are all these clips (Crappy vhs clips) from the 80's show MV3.
I thought maybe just maybe there would be a glimpse of my friend who passed away. She used to dance on this show. These are almost unwatchable but may be the only record of that damn show.
It was like a new wave Dance Party USA for gay kids. This fiasco was hosted by KROQ D.J. Richard Blade and co-hosted by two "young kids" One was David Maples who grew up to write a couple of episodes of HUFF. The other co-host was Karen Scott who's acting career was an appearance in a film called FREE RIDE as "Stuck up girl". Beyond odd is the fact Debbie Diamond has this show as one of her credits on IMDB. Debbie also has as one of her credits a film called Dixon Maison: Mystery at Hillyard Manor. A film produced by yours truly and directed by Scott Mabbutt. If I knew that I would have talked to her on the set.

Found her. Shes in the following ROMEO VOID bit. 2:00 wearing a striped white shirt. Veronica Pintos.
Oh dear god more frightening than finding the dead is finding the living. Mike Walters can be seen at 1:48. Crap. I have to call him and tell him he looked like a lesbian.


Unknown said...

I dont remember this show ever being on. Its possible we didnt get it.

The clips of Solid Gold I found are pretty crappy too.

Gotta love the 80's!

Luke said...

I knew when she was coming on the screen. I knew to the second. But when she actually appeared I still felt the tingles in my neck, I still said "Oh, my god" as if she'd actually come back for a second, somehow brought back by Romeo Void and the hideous hair of Richard Blade.

I'm missing her a lot right now. I wasn't even thinking about her before I read your post, and now all I want is for her to be here so I can hug her and scream at her and be so very glad to see her.

Luke said...

She's at about 2:10, too.

EmmaPeel007 said...

I'll always remember dancing with you and her at Phases...

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed this on the first go 'round, but Luke and Katherine mentioned it to me last night.

My initial reaction was weirdly detached: "Hey, that girl really looks a lot like Veronica!" That lasted for about a second... Now it's 20 minutes on and the melancholy hasn't passed.