Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another Bond Buster!

I was all ready to accept CASINO ROYALE as a real Bond film. So, SO ready. Now keep in mind I'm determined to find flaws in this film that don't normally distroy an everyday film but in a BOND film little things are deal breakers.

My new major flaw in this film.
Sloppy writing.
Now this is coming from a man who can't use punctuation correctly nor will there ever be a script coming from his computer.

Here is the new deal-breaker for me:

As Bond plays his first game of poker the ownership of the Aston Martin DB5 is on the table. The keys are actually on the table on a pile of chips. When Bond wins he takes the keys and also asks the loser for the VALET ticket.
He has the keys in his hand and the valet ticket.
How in the hell is he in possesion of the keys and the valet ticket? Did the valet park it with his mind? Do they airlift the cars to the parking spaces?


Luke said...

Your problem is that you expect to find good movies by going to a theatre. The correct way to find good movies is to go on Youtube and add the word "turkish" to any movie you've already enjoyed:

Turkish Star Wars
Turkish Star Trek
Turkish Superman

The only exception to guaranteed quality I've found so far, unfortunately, is Turkish James Bond.

Gavin Elster said...

Wow that is an exception. I guess the Bond well is dry.