Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Suffer not...

The heart shaped plot in our local Forest Lawn. Dubbed BABYLAND this little area is where all the dead babies end up laid to rest in the shadless ground. When I mean heart-shaped I mean the road around this little area forms a perfect heart.
At the base of the heart a perfectly patina'd little dead baby stands in the hot hot sun and welcomes you with open arms.
It made me laugh at first. Then I cried.
The sadness of this little area is overwhelming. Some plots look well maintained while others look forgotten and neglected. Babies that lived less than a day.
Gods promises broken.

I first saw Babyland years ago (I think it was during a trip with Scott to the cemetary) during a summer in witch Forest Lawn's "lawn" was overrun with weeds. They started a program called THE WEED CONTROL PROGRAM. (duh) They thought that explained quite a bit so they had hundreds of these signs printed up. All the signs said were "WEED CONTROL PROGRAM. " Thats it.
Not "Dont eat the grass" or "Dont touch the grass and touch your skin."
They popped thes signs all over the place but the best placement was in the hand of the green and black dead baby of babyland.
Babyland gladly welcomes the weed control program.
I come back here from time to time hoping for the return of the weed control program sign.

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LOL. You're a Bungalow.