Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mr fix it.

The final resting place of Mervyn Le Roy.
Leroy produced (and partly directed without credit) MGM studio's classic The Wizard of Oz (1939), although it was not a classic at the box office; its poor reception convinced Leroy to quit producing pictures and go back to directing them. He had always had a good relationship with actors, and had discovered a number of people who would go on to become major stars, such as Clark Gable (who was rejected for a role in Little Caesar by Jack L. Warner over his objections), Loretta Young, Robert Mitchum and Lana Turner.

KATHRYN P. LeROY was his wife. His final wife.

As for Rita I don't know much on her aside from the following:
RITA R. ROEDLING whose social security number was 352-22-6323 and whose address was 1015 No. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, California-90210.
Attended the Latin School of Chicago and graduated in 1946.
I dont know who she is. Was she a daughter?

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Ellde said...

Rita was Kathryn's daughter.