Saturday, February 10, 2007


She was a drugged up mess who could barely stand up straight.
For all I know her damn dead son is the father of that baby.
Just because she had giant.... oh what the hell do women call them things... chesticles, doesn't make her a saint.
Its not tragic. Its what we all saw coming. Dont feel bad for her after all, you didn't lift a finger to help her. Did you?
Nobody did.
You laughed at her pain.
Why has your laughter stopped now that she's dead?


You'll be suprised at how fast time flies.


mary bishop said...

>For all I know her damn dead son is the father of that baby.<

I've heard that rumor and also that the baby belongs to her dead ex whose sperm she had frozen...

But one thing for sure, Anna loved the name Daniel as in DANIELynn - her daughter's name. Oh to see the results of the DNA!

Gavin Elster said...

I wasn't serious about that. Really thats a rumor? Thats horrible.

WAT said...

I did laugh at her pain, but it was tolerable before her SON died. Once he did die, it wasn't funny anymore.

There is humor in dysfunction, but when it reaches such atrocious unbearable levels, it becomes tragic.

Gavin Elster said...

and eventually funny again. I'll wait for that time to speak of her again.

Kate said...

I wasn't that close to what happened to her, because I'm not American, and news didn't travel this way. But of what I heard, she wasn't a saint at all. One thing is sure: if she had payed more attention to her son instead of doing plastic surgeries, the boy wouldn't end up that way. Nor she probably.

Unknown said...

The whole thing is a bit odd...time will definitley tell.