Monday, February 19, 2007

Kids Are People Too.

Whoa here is an odd clip.
Patti Smith singing YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE on Kids Are People Too.

KIDS ARE PEOPLE TOO was the revamp of the old WONDERAMA show. Bob McCallister was replaced with a much younger host named Michael Young. Just as Wonderama featured guests you would not expect to see on a kids show, Kids Are People Too tried to live up to that standard by offering the odd guest now and again.
After all every kid wants to see the ugly one from THREES COMPANY Joyce DeWitt. Or Judy Blume, the crazy old writer who's books featured more misconceptions about a period than Carrie White could dream of. A kid show is not complete without a song about Booze sung by Rupert Holmes the man who made The Pina Colada Song the Macarena of the 70's. Oh and we cant forget the not funny soon-to-be knocked up girl from DIFF'RENT STROKES Danielle Brisbois before she went crazy and dead.

1979. A time when tight jeans that show your religion were OK to wear on a kids show.
A time when Patti Smith comes before Count Dracula and Adam Rich.
Its true... there is a bizzaro universe.

1979 has always been important to me. It was a special year for entertainment. It was the end of disco and the prime of punk. The promise of STAR WARS 2 on the horizon and ALIEN to tide us over until then.
No. Thats not it. 1979 is important to me because that was the first magical summer I smoked pot on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure it was the only time I smoked out (or whatever the kids call it today) on regular basis.
Ahh peer pressure.

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