Sunday, February 25, 2007

Green Oscars my ass.

So with all the efforts the Oscars made to make it a greener show it still does not address the fact it causes a major disruption to the locals.
Lets say you actually take the metro to save the ozone. If you take it on the Sunday of the Oscars make damn sure you don't need to get off at Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave. YOU CANT because the Academy wants to thank you for thinking of the environment.
To all the little people... fuck you.
So ok what if you have prepared to use the old car one day out of the year and punch an Oscar sized hole in the ozone for the sake of Ellen's dried up wit. What then? I'll tell you what you don't do...
Work in Hollywood or Hollywood ADJ.
Not only is the area around the Kodak theater gridlocked but anywhere a major party occurs is blocked as well. Fuck you very much Gov ball, Elton John and Vanity Fair. You just cause a 50 kilometer chunk of ice to float free just so you can jerk off in public.

This is such crap.
And on top of it how dare Sherri Lansing gets an award for getting fired from Paramount because she drove the studio into the toilet and found she can make more money by milking her own "non-profit" company.
Congratulations Sherri for doing a suck ass job. Are you living modestly? I hope the donations you receive are not going to cosmetic surgery.

Sure the Oscars are green. Green and gold.
This Oscar show reminds me of something The Bishop Don "Magic" Juan told me about his outfit:
"Green is for the money and gold is for the honey."
Pimps up Oscars down.

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WAT said...

Glad you enjoyed the Awards show as much as I did!