Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cast ye out of thine DVD player!

I'm watching THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST right now. This is a bore. The whole "language" thing is pretentious. I feel like I'm watching a remake of INCUBUS.

Does everyone act like William Shatner in this film?

Line pause Line line word pause word.

Can I get thru this? We shall see.
Damn...This has only been on for 19 minutes and I feel like I've been watching this for hours. I feel like this is a rip off of a Martin Scorsesse film. I know this story and don't find it interesting in the least. Oh at 21 minutes in Jesus just made a cute little table. A table that I'm sure I've seen at the SHABBY CHIC store on Ventura Blvd. The post work on this film is awful. They process the image dark and use little windows to lighten up the faces. Little ovals of milky black and sepia. Boy this sucks on so many levels. But that table was cute.

When does the good part start?
Now I know why Gibson did it in shoopy shoopy talk... becuse the words are so hackneyed that they could not actually hold an audiences attention.
This would have been great as a musical. Someone should do that.
Oh cool little village of the damned kids. That was neat. Oh judas is being teased by little kids. How cruel. Ew what the hell is the dead thing?
That tree could not sustain Judas' weight! How f'kin stupid.
Ok I'm 40 minutes into this film and have put on FUTURAMA to rinse my eyeballs with glorious cartoon funnery. Its like a palate cleanser for the senses.
I wont be watching that crazy jezi thang again.

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