Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Karma. Please sign here.

While mopping the floor this fine afternoon I heard some one a rap rap rappity rappin at my door. I was fully prepared for the Mormans but it was the postal carrier. She has a package for me! Oh how exciting! Is it gold or candy? Oh I hope its candy!

Hmmm. Its addressed to Scotty Ferguson. Uh oh. It could be a human ear.

Oh its from Emma Peel. It could be a gummi human ear! yummy!
Hmm its got some curious Italian writing on it.

What could it be?

Its not anthrax or a human ear gummi or otherwise.
Its a cd! Oh joy new music!

Oh my god (THUD!)

Its that Bozo Tony Danza cd I've never heard of. My god its got William Shatner on it too.

Its title is BOZO and PALS:

track 4 is "A couple of clowns like us." Tony Danza. Oh Tony.
track 13 is "What is a Bozo?" William Shatner

Oh wait... MY god this is a prerelease promo! OH happy day I'm the happiest kid on the block because I am the first to own the most hated music in town!

Thats what I get for making light of a serious day in american history.

Thanks Emma for making my day!

It starts off with a voice that I swear is George Taki exclaiming ITS BOZO!
I'm speechless. "Here I CCCCCOOOOMMMEEEE! yedddiyedddihoohohoooooo" is something I never, in my worst nightmares, ever thought I'd hear.

"if you wanna get down with the clown you're in the right spot" is just not right.
On soooooooo many levels this CD is wrong.

The Shatner track is winner. BUY THIS CD! You won't be dissapointed.

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EmmaPeel007 said...

Once I saw it I knew I had to send it to you. Yes, the wonderful musical stylings of William Shatner and Bozo. You know Gacy is BUMMED he doesn't have a copy of this!

I think this means next Pie Day you are sporting me! Not only for that, but for proving the existence of the Tortilla Ride.