Saturday, September 15, 2007

"Hey Gavin whats going on? I mean you've been posting a lot and they are all kinda bitter and sucky. Are you O.K.?"

NO no I'm not O fuckin' K!

I'm bitter and hateful at the moment. I'm working through some problems and hitting roadblocks at every turn.

First off. I don't like any form of mass entertainment.
Lets get that straight.
I dont like movies. I don't like music, T.V., plays, docutainment featurettes, shadow puppets or ponyrides.
What I do like is to tear them apart bit by bit and tear those little bits into a million smaller bits and then throw the whole thing away.
Thats my thing. Thats what I do.
Remember that next time you think you have something in common with me. I may like what you like but for a very different reason. I like to HATE IT!
There I feel better already.

I have not been feeling good for about a month now. I'm still without insurance and a little thing put a big scare into me last week. Ya see I got this little spider bite on my ankle. It started out like a little bump then it got bigger and then it turned into this giant open non-healing wound. It was this 1/4 hole with a giant red circle around it. It looked like the spider was trying to create some sort of golf course on my leg. It started to really hurt and not heal. My fear was I was bitten by some sort of kill ya slow spider. I showed it to someone at work who pointed out the wound looked a little green and suggested I get it checked out.
I agree I should get it checked out. But where? I would have to take a whole day off to go to a community hospital. I cant afford that. It explains why I have been sleeping poorly and when I do I wake up in a sweat. So I have been alternating with neosprin and alcohol. and it seems to be clearing up. It still looks gruesome but eh... what can ya do. The good thing is its healing up and I didn't have to go rushing off to the doctor. The bad thing is IF it was something I needed to get checked out I would have been at a very big loss on where to get that done.

So thats it. I've turned into a dick because of a spiderbite? NOOOOOOoooo.
Thats not it.
I'm having other troubles too. I guess I want to tell you that but not tell you what they are.
How odd is that?


EmmaPeel007 said...

Argh - Fuck. I wish I would have known sooner. You needed to take antihistamines and then a Cortaid type of ointment. A topical steroid will help bring down the swelling. Yeah, since I became a card-holding parent I had to learn all this shit. Plus, the same thing happened to my girl in the last month.

I've been having gnarly headaches the past couple days, waking up in the middle of the night. I actually told someone in my dream that I had a brain tumor. It kinda freaked me out. Then I figured out the weather was changing and they were sinus headaches. Took my damn Nasonex and was better.

Not even close to what you are going through, I know.

Dammit, are you almost done with the book? Work somewhere with benefits! Either that or take up your cousin's offer of NZ. They have national health. It will take so much stress out of your life. When you finally get health care and realize the amount of stress you are under you will be amazed you put up with it for so long.

Can't wait til you start tearing apart my show!

Lub U.

Luke said...

You, sir, are a liar. You claim that you don't like movies, but I think there are two type of films that you love. The most common is the "this is the most amazing piece of crap" type, the film that is so poorly conceived and executed that it seems impossible it could have ever been created. The less-common, but more-loved type is the "how did they ever think to do this?" type, films with innovative design, innovative stories.

Why do you love them? I think in both cases you appreciate the expression of a creator's unique vision. The films that you truly seem to hate- and these are the most common type of film- are not those that fail, but those that never try. The films you love, whether they succeed or fail, do so spectacularly.

Am I wrong?

As for "I'm having other troubles too. I guess I want to tell you that but not tell you what they are. How odd is that?" : It's not odd at all. This is a public forum in an artificial environment- which isn't to say it's a hostile environment, but it isn't the same as the "real world." You aren't required to write down every issue you have and share it with the universe.

Gavin Elster said...

Well there you have it.

EmmaPeel007 said...

Luke, I am so buying you pie on the next Pie Day.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Gee, Gavin, I was going to ask you out to go to see Clay Aiken live with me, but now I'm afraid you don't take his music seriously. I mean he is bringing sexy back.

Anonymous said...

out, damn spider.

Luke said...

We should have had Pie Day on Rosh Hashanah. I had the day off- Thanks, Jews!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. You can have Pie Day on Yom Kippur. While all of us Jews are groveling before our abusive Sky Fairy. These are the Days of Awe, you know.

Gavin, I second the other work / NZ comment of the illustrious Ms. Peel. All of us are now too old for this shit.

I mean, just getting a tumor debulked is a $30,000 job at negotiated rates! ;-)

Gavin Elster said...

I agree. I am too old for this shit.

EmmaPeel007 said...

Hey Luke, maybe they'll give you time off for Yom Kippur too? I'm pretty sure we could get a table fairly easily on that day.

We'll all wear tin foil hats. The Sky Fairy will never see us.

Luke said...

Please, no saying "I'm too old for this shit." It encourages your boss to partner you with a renegade Anti-Semitic Australian.
Yom Kippur starts on a Friday night, so no time off for me there. My next day of is Veterans Day in the middle of November. However, I've done with work at 2:35 on Fridays, and could be eating pie by three.

Gavin Elster said...

PIE! Pie at 3:00pm is perfect.

I want two.

Gavin Elster said...

Two pies.

Gavin Elster said...

Two cold yummy cheap pies.

WAT said...


Gavin Elster said...


Anonymous said...

No pie for the Jews, eh? Like Milton, I did not receive a piece last time.

Apparently, I'm not to have one this time, either.

Gavin Elster said...

No pie for you!