Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CBS Paramount puts its official seal of approval on Kanye's outburst

Backstage at the MTV awards Kanye West threw a fit because he didn't get a Moonman award. It seems that CBS Paramount wants everyone to know they enjoyed the outburst and have stamped a trademark and their logos on the end of the clip.

So is the clip sympathetic to Kanye's realization that the awards are a joke?
CBS Paramount and MTV are all part of one big "charming" Viacom family. Someone there wanted everyone to see Kanye acting like a full blown idiot. Trouble is by sticking the logo disclaimer at the end of the clip they have shown this is as close to a fully endorsed smear as you can get.

Looks like Kanye struck a nerve with an executive at Viacom. Good for him.

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Timo said...

the BET awards...I mean VMA's were a joke. Kanye is a big whiney Baby.