Friday, January 26, 2007

T.V. growing up. Its a wonder I'm alive

Big John, Little John
was a Saturday morning NBC sitcom from 1976 produced by Sherwood Schwartz which starred Robbie Rist as the young lead, and Herb Edelman as the elder John.
The show centered around a 45-year-old school teacher named John Martin (played by Edelman). While vacationing in Florida, he discovered the real Fountain of Youth. He took a small drink from it and changed into a 12-year-old boy (played by Rist), and back again. Martin had no control over when the change would occur. Only his immediate family knew about the recurring changes and, to explain the appearance of the 12-year-old John, claimed that he was their nephew.
Throughout the series, John unsuccessfully tried to find a cure for his predicament.

Carter Country was an American television sitcom, that ran from 1977 to 1979 on ABC. It was set in a small town in Georgia (presumably near the part of the state from which U.S. President Jimmy Carter hailed, thus the title), and featured Victor French as white police chief Roy Mobey and Kene Holliday as city-bred, college-educated, African-American Sergeant Curtis Baker. It also featured Richard Paul as Mayor Burnside (who coined a minor catchphrase with his manic, "Handle it, handle it, handle it!"), Harvey Vernon as officer Jasper DeWitt, and Barbara Cason as town employee Cloris Phebus. Additional comic support was provided by Texas-born actor Guich Koock who played the part of goofy deputy Harley. Vernee Watson rounded out the cast. The plot was centered around the stereotypical racism of the Deep South. The show was often characterized as being an irreverent, comedic version of the movie In the Heat of the Night.

Out of the Blue was a short-lived American fantasy-based sitcom that aired on the American Broadcasting Company during the fall of 1979. It was a spin-off of Happy Days, patterned after Mork & Mindy.

The series starred Jimmy Brogan as Random, an angel-in-training who is assigned to live with (and act as guardian angel for) a family and work as a high school teacher. The series co-starred Dixie Carter (later of Designing Women) and Eileen Heckart.

The unsuccessful series aired from September 9 to December 16, 1979.

Oh my God then there was yet another Happy Days spin off:

Blansky's Beauties premiered February 12, 1977 .
Nancy Blansky ( Nancy Walker) was den mother to a bevy of beautiful Las Vegas showgirls in this short-lived comedy. In addition to keeping order in the chaotic apartment complex where they all lived, Nancy staged the girls' big numbers at the Oasis Hotel.
Emilio (Johnny Desmond), the matire'd, was Nancy's boyfriend. To help Nancy defray costs of her apartment, Sunshine (Lynda Goodfriend) and Bambi (Caren Kaye) shared it with her, along with her nephews Joey DeLuca (Eddie Mekka), a choreographer, and leering, 12-year-old ("going on 28"), Anthony DeLuca (Scott Baio). Anthony was forever trying to impress Bambi, who much to his chargin treated him like a kid brother, as did almost all of Nancy's girls. Also sharing Nancy's apartment was a huge Great Dane named Blackjack who was shown in the opening credits playing blackjack.

Wait, now lets see:
Happy Days was a spin off of...
LOVE AMERICAN STYLE (Love and the Happy Days)
From Happy Days we have:

Jonie Loves Chachi.
Laverne and Shirley.
Blansky's Beauties.
Mork and Mindy.
Out of the Blue.

Man, Happy Days was not even a funny show.


Jim said...

LOL, Carter Country, Ihad forgotten all about it but I watched that one.

Don't forget Welcome Back Kotter :)

Luke said...

"Carter Country" was no "Hello, Larry."

Gavin Elster said...

Nor was it:
Struck by Lightning
Heres Boomer
Shields and Yarnell
On the Rocks
San Pedro Beach Bums
Amandas By The Sea
Making It (with a single of the main title that played in discos longer than the show was on the air)

Luke said...

Here's what I just did:

* looked up the Hello, Larry
* realized that Kim Richards from "Escape From Witch Mountain" was on the show
* looked up Kim Richard's bio
* discovered that she's the aunt of Paris Hilton
* threw up

Gavin Elster said...

Wait this get odd...
Rick Hilton (who is married to Kathy Richards,Kim's Sister) is the Nephew of Conrad Hilton Jr., Eric Hilton, and Francesca Hilton. Francesca's mother is Zsa Zsa Gabor, second wife of Rick's grandfather, Conrad Hilton.
How the hell did Zsa Zsa Gabor get mixed up in this?