Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Riding on the bus with my sister

Another trophy on the "retard" movie shelf is RIDING ON THE BUS WITH MY SISTER. Rosie O'Donnell pulls out all the stops for director Angelica Houston. Rosie "plays" Beth as a woman who is afflicted with a mild case of Joe Cocker hands and mac and cheese filled nostrils. Depth is added to the character as Rosie also includes foot stomping, turning single syllable words into multi-syllabic tunes and the ever popular silly syllable empahSIS.To top it off she adds her patented "twistyface" for that Emmy award winning "retard" look. What in the world would ever make ANYONE think a performance like this was even close to acceptable is beyond me.

I know I have posted this on the other site but lets take a look at how "retards" act.

Oh wait... here is the best of the worst:

Angelica Houston should have chose another vehicle to cut her TV directing teeth on. This was worse than when Diane Keaton directed the ABC after school special THE GIRL WITH THE CRAZY BROTHER. Thats a post in itself.


WAT said...

This is hilarious! Howard Stern played bits of this movie a few years ago criticizing Rosie, and I could not stop laffing!

Truly insulting and embarrassing really. Almost comical, when not intended to be.

Anonymous said...


Harsh but way funny and true.

Who knew Anjelica was directing.

My fave role she played was Morticia Addams, LOVED it!