Sunday, June 24, 2007

Today's top park pet peeve

At the end of main street there stands a building that used to be a restaurant. Now it sits, shuttered. Clearly an abandoned feature in the park. It now is home to the vermin of the park. PIN COLLECTORS. These scum crawl out of their swap meet homes and come to this park to trade pins with their meaty fiveheaded friends. The park allows these yahoos to take over tables that were originally designed for guests to sit and eat. THE TABLES IN THE SHADE! Now these jabbas piss on the area and call it their own. I want to get there before them and take their weekly table away from them and sit all day and do nothing. Just take their space. I want to see them complain! I hate them. Swap meet scum. Go trade your pogs at the drive-in! Disney should not allow this in the park. This is basically creating a third party vendor booth that "trades" wares. Disney is not responsible if a child gets the HANTA VIRUS from these guys rat-pissed self storage tin stars. No license needed!!! Come to Disneyland and get rid of your garbage! I want to get there early and trade Denney menus or underpants or something just to get these guys out of there. They take over the place like they own it and have a right to it.

Go peddle your crap outside the park or on e-bay where you belong.

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