Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rat hunt update.

it is 1:11 am.
The little bastard didn't fall for the traps.
I turned off all the lights and waited for him to make a mistake.
He thumped something in the dining room. I now have him trapped in the front closet with nowhere to go. I put a nice yummy trap in there for him. He cant resist. Your stomach will be your undoing my little friend.
I saw him. He is a very handsome little guy. A tree rat. Yep another tree rat. I feel bad that he has to die but... he made the mistake of coming into the house uninvited. I'm sitting hear waiting for the SNAP!

Oh god it just happened and the screaming is horrible. Lots of thrashing about. It is a horrible noise that... just got silent. Hmm. 15 seconds. The clean up is quick too.

Problem solved.

Now to scrub everything. Twice.

Three times.


Unknown said...


WAT said...

I feel bad for the little guy now, but I guess I wouldn't want him in my house either.

mary bishop said...

Oh no, I smell a rat!

Unknown said...

ick pooh