Wednesday, June 27, 2007


An open angry note to Larry King.

I just read the transcript from tonight's show with Paris Hilton. What was promised to be a "no holds barred" interview was a fluff piece to bolster ratings.

What Businesses does she run? When is she ever in an office? Wait... she doesn't take drugs? WHAT? I'm pretty damn sure if I cared more about this I could drum up some Internet pictures of her smoking weed.(oh look the first picture from the search "PARIS HILTON GETTING HIGH")

What about her WORSE THAN DON IMUS video clip of her using the feared "N" word? Should a business exec use that kind of language? Would you support a person who uses that word in a hateful way? Look Larry... She pretty much offends everybody in this. Larry does CNN have internet?

Oh and the dreaded medical problem that Sheriff Lee Baca determined was too severe to have her in jail didn't kill her. The Sheriff was wrong. Paris is still alive and not on deaths door or any more of a babbling idiot when she went in.
Could it be that the Hiltons get special treatment from the L.A.P.D.?
Watch this Larry...

Did you ever think to question her on why the L.A.P.D. is so willing to help her out? No you didn't because you're nothing but a puppet. What about the fact she takes prescription speed that cannot be combined with alcohol? Did you want to question her on that? No you didn't Larry. Adderal is a strong amphetamine that is basically a prescription for speed. Something that a person who uses drugs for recreation should not take unmonitored.
Larry are you afraid to call her out on her shit? You don't care about finding the truth you just want people to watch.

Strap on a fuckin' sack Larry King. If this is the way you interview you are no better than a tabloid.


WAT said...

Larry King is older than the Nazca lines in Peru.

He is terrible, and yet there he is, night after night interviewing all kinds o' people. He looks like a weird withered space alien now. The giant head and retarded suspenders.

Howard Stern should've interviewed Paris. Now THAT would've been hot.

Gavin Elster said...

Yep. I agree. Someone who is not afraid to ask questions and throw that lazy-eyed bitchs life back in her face!

Luke said...

Did you really expect her to agree to any interview that would actually challenge her? You can't exactly blame Larry King- after all, has Larry King ever done an interview with any sort of bite? Hell, no. That's why people love to appear on his show.

The best way to react to Paris Hilton is to ignore her. She's a useless human who is famous only for being famous. Ignore her and she'll disappear.

Gavin Elster said...

the smoking gun has done a good job calling her out on her drug use.

she is a lyin' sack o crap!