Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here is some more broken glass for your eyeballs.

Before I show you this next video I just want to be the responsible blogger and point out this guys home phone and home fax number are found here

If you are in the market for a home... call up the stupid fuck and have him show you one.

So much for the potatoes... here is the meat:

Watch Steven air-kiss farm animals and tell you how hard it is to be him. Listen to him be proud of his ranch upbringing and hate it in the same breath. He is clearly filming on what he claims to be his parents ranch as somebody, off camera, tries to shoo him away. This "I can do anything" attitude from a person with limited experience can only end one way.

What a fuckin' idiot.

As a native of Hollywood I find this guy a repulsive trans-plant.
As a gay man I am outraged at his behavior. This is the gay equivalent to Fried Chicken and Watermelon.
As a man I just want to beat the fuckin crap out of him.**
As a no-budget film producer I want to beat him up*** for wasting my already free time!

There is "Camp" and there is "Retarded". There is no such thing as "Retarded Camp."*

You can see that he is a spoiled brat who treats people like crap.
Damn him for giving Hollywood a bad name.
Why couldn't he have gone to Alaska like that Into the Wild idiot?
Seen here:
At least that Into the Wild kid got what was coming to his stupid ass. I hope there is a broken bus in Alaska for Steven.

*There is only one exception here.

**While I say I want to actually assault this Ass-Clown I do not want to come near him. I wish peace on earth and for Steven to be... somewhere else. I would never hit another person out of anger rage or disgust. Not even out of pure blind hatred.

*** Yes... I'll make a violent exception...for this. My mighty hammers would have to give him a smote or two.


Timo said...

I wanted to stab him in the head as soon as he started dancing on his balcony.

Unknown said...

LOl, no shit what a tard!

Anonymous said...

Well... don't compare him to Chris. Chris was a true a centric. This guy...well...I don't know what he is.

WAT said...

U can always use Mickey's shotgun on this tool once the mouse is done blowing his head off.

Gavin Elster said...

Cartoon weapons can only kill cartoons but in this case, since Steven is such a character, it just might work.

Troy said...

what a tragic story.

Gavin Elster said...

Bill. The kid was a moron who would not listen to anyones advice. He thought he could do everything on his own without any help form anyone. It is as if advice made him weak. Ideals cannot save your life but common sense and skills can. He had neither. Christoper Mccandless was not a saint or a martyr or some sort of johnny joy spreading apple-seed. He was a dumb rich kid who thought he knew it all and realized at the worst possible time... he didn't. He would have lived if he took a damn map and an axe with him.