Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My meds made me gay. Michael J Fox your next!

A French civil servant who claims he was turned gay by his Parkinson's medication has won a lawsuit against against a distributor of drugs containing dopamine.

Didier Jambart is seeking about a half-million dollars in compensation. (AKA the pricetag of sexuality)

His lawsuit claimed that he was not told the medication could lead to compulsive behavior. He claimed that after taking the drugs he developed "homosexual urges" and spent hours searching for gay sex.

He also claimed that he developed a gambling compulsion and even sold toys belonging to his two young sons to get money to place on horse races.

Jambert said he began noticing the changes within a year of starting the meds.

"As soon as we saw him we knew immediately it was dopamine agonists," Philippe Damier, head of the neurology department at the Nantes CHU hospital testified.

Jambart was given different medication and his disorders disappeared.

"Without that, I would have killed myself or have ended up in prison," Jambert said.

The penalty phase of the trial is set to begin.

The case is being closely watched by lawyers in Europe and North America who have clients who also claim to have developed compulsions as a result of dopamine.


Unknown said...

It's simple really. Dopamine is a chemical that makes you happy. Happy = Gay. Q.E.D.

Unknown said...


LOL@ Lauren