Saturday, December 1, 2007

World AIDS day.

Dear President Bush,

There are people in this country that cannot afford HIV/AIDS medication. Before you start "helping" people overseas shouldn't you help the people you serve?
Help the people in this country.
While you urge congress to approve an additional $30 billion for the global fight against AIDS over the next five years, and announce you'll visit Africa early next year to further highlight the need and your administration's efforts you do nothing for the people here.
Perhaps it is your opinion they should go without help? Because thats what I see. I see you not helping the millions of people affected by HIV and AIDS in the United States but you claim to be helping people in other countries. Why not help the people who pay your salary? Why not help the people who live in "this great land of ours?" You want people who are affected to just go away. You are a heartless monster bent on making money and helping your friends make money off the sick poor and dying.

Happy world AIDS day Mr. President.

I hope when your term is up you are not eligible for insurance.


WAT said...

Just one more year of G.W. in the White House.

Aren't you grateful for term limits?

Luke said...

Saying he's done nothing is completely untrue. He's actively campaigned to stop medical benefits. The most glaring recent example is the SCHIP veto.

Anonymous said...

Fucking awesome post. You rock.

EmmaPeel007 said...

Amen, Brother.

Blogger said...

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