Monday, December 17, 2007

Crazytrain: Destination Stevenwood. Part One

The chore of ripping apart Steven Spreafico’s life is off to a slow start. I started this week by checking in with John Douglas . The call went better than I expected. I told him about Steven and his videos and asked if he would care to make fun of this guy on my blog. Mr. Douglas is unfortunately unable to comment on Stevens psyche at this time but Mr. Douglas stated very firmly that He will be a guest on this blog in the future. He is just waiting for a severe weather change in a particular location before he makes his appearance here.
So… what to do? What to do?
I know!
Tomorrow we will check in with another Douglas and see If we can get him to profile Steven Spreafico.

In the mean time enjoy this interview with Steven on NPR.

Stay tuned.

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