Saturday, December 29, 2007

Disney's worst attraction poster.

Click to enlarge and enjoy those fine fine faces. Genuine fear is what that is! The attraction sucks so hard they couldn't pay people to be in the ad. It actually has empty seats on its advertising. Odd? I'd say so!

And if you look at the empty seat next to the kid wearing the John Lennon shirt you'll see the actual body of the car is well worn as if it was recycled from another ride.

I want to punch everyone on this ride in the face.


Anonymous said...

I like the bald dad's expression, "Yup. That's a tyrannosaur, all right."

Luke said...

What's Kyle from Tenacious D doing in the front row?

WAT said...


"I want to punch everyone on this ride in the face."


Scot said...

I'd say it's an Indian Jones jeep, but it's been a while.