Monday, December 31, 2007

Oh YouTube!

Honestly the things you can find on YouTube are Crazy!

Like this little gem.. Its on YouTube so its safe-ish but most likely not work friendly.

Edward Penishands.

Edward Penishands is more than just a surreal parody of a Hollywood blockbuster; it's also an entertaining time capsule of early 1990's porn. The hair, the production values, even the women themselves are at a perfect intermediary point. They're caught between the chubby, overly hairy, slightly unattractive eagerness of the 1980's and the slimmed, shaved, surgically sculpted, white washed wooden professionalism of late 90's and contemporary porn. Can you imagine a modern multi-angle gonzo POV porno that has a set with giant Trident gum wrappers on the wall? Me neither.


Unknown said...

Does he HAVE to stay with us....he's!

Anonymous said...

omg Why did i not listen to you? LOL
Definitely NOT work friendly LOL

Luke said...

I used to own this. It was hilarious.