Thursday, November 8, 2007

When you die...

When you die try not to do it in a public place.
If you find the need to die in a public place try to have a death buddy with you. A death buddy is the person with you who has no idea you were going to die but can alert the needed authorities when you die. A death buddy is needed to ensure you are remembered for being a person. They will ensure you are remembered buy your achevements or lack of.

If no deathbuddy is around here is how your death will be remembered.

"Hey! There is a dead body in the parking lot!"
(entire floor runs to one corner of the building and presses there face against the oneway glass that doesnt open)

(worker #83 fights his way to the glass and says:
"OH MY GOD! That is THAT guy."

"what guy?"
"Me and (name) were coming back from lunch yesterday and we saw him. I told (Name) that guy looks dead."

He was dead.

Dead guy was also a human just like one of us. He had a mother and a father and touched many lives.
Everything he had ever done was gone. He was now just "DEAD GUY."

As I left and the cops had taken control of that corner of the lot, the story on the floor was: he worked at another company in our building and went home early monday because he didn't feel well.

He never made it home.


WAT said...

Yeah, as if we really get to choose how or when we croak.

Unless it's suicide.

Luke said...

You can choose, if you're willing to go early.