Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A little late for your concern

Today as I left work there was a little service going on in the parking lot. The same company that didnt check up on the employee for three days to see if he was ok. The same boss who didnt care to call when the guy didn't show up for three days after going home sick. Several of the 2nd floor cubemates, about 30 all gathered to pay their only respects to a co-worker who died monday.

His body was in the parking lot for 3 days before anyone cared to call the police. He made it to his car after going home early because he wasn't feeling well. He reclined his seat in the car and rolled down the windows and took a nice big sleep.

Theye were dressed in suits and were standing around his final parking space. In the space they had an 8x10 glossy headshot of the now deceased co-worker. The picture propped up by an ashtray or something of that sort.


Funny places these insurance companies.


EmmaPeel007 said...

Or what if he was super, super mean and had no friends - kinda like Scrooge?

Gavin Elster said...
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