Saturday, November 17, 2007

Two years after I move in I finally got the leaf blower working.

Man this fall yard cleanup is a breeze. I have been without a leaf blower so i have had to rake up all the pecan tree leaves. There is a leaf blower in the garage but it was missing a vital part that would make it work. I FOUND THE PART! Yeah hoo! I was able to blow the entire yard. (Keep that comment to yourself!) The driveway is pecan free! Those damn nuts get everywhere and what does not fall naturally the squirrels eat and drop so there were pecan bits everywhere. No more!

I am a happy pecan free sonofagun.

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Unknown said...

wow, and I love pecans. Thanks for your concern. Things are better with the bird but now I have a new thing and life is just mui complicado.

Hope YOU and your kitten are doing fantastic.