Saturday, October 20, 2007

Larry Craig Super Tuber night

Larry Craig,
There is something wrong with you. Why would you eat this? Why not cook a potato and a hot dog? It's easier than making a SuperTuber. Most of the potato is cored out and wasted and lets face it it looks obscene. If I was a male hooker and you brought me back to your motel 6 and fed me this from your hotplate I'd be pretty upset. I'm pretty sure I'd beat you senseless with the hotplate.

Just sayin'.


EmmaPeel007 said...

I hear they are particularly enticing with lashings of Beaver Mustard.

Luke said...

Mmmmm... lashings!

Speck said...

The only things grosser than the Super Tuber are the fingers in the photos. Lash those puppies with some Beaver Mustard- will you please!