Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Some light on the Pluto clip

A castmember sheds some light on the Pluto video clip.

'This event happened last year - that Pluto is no longer working with us. The kid being chased was rough-housing with Pluto before the camera rolled, and he did not kick Pluto at all. Pluto gave chase, and the kid started to wildly run. Pluto ran as well, which is not allowed, so that's strike one. The kid being chased started to REALLY get scared, and was screaming in earnest trying to get away. Pluto did not fully understand this. The woman who ran up and grabbed Pluto's arm was the child's mother. She demanded that he stop chasing her son, as it was no longer a game.

Pluto was angry that the woman had yanked his arm, and pulled back from her. That was strike two - he did not stop when a guest became in contact. He stepped off the curb and fell down. The woman did not push him, as he was already on the edge. However, he thought she HAD pushed him, and stood up with his paws in front of his face to show he was done. The guests in front of the camera were concerned, asking what happened, and Pluto pointed to the woman, "saying" she'd pushed him. The host then came over at this time to talk to the woman and find out the whole story. This Pluto was a very self-sufficent Pluto, who neither wanted nor needed a Host with him when he did his sets.

The falling down was strike three. However, the day in question was an exception. That Pluto decided to quit, citing that he was tired of the crowds and guests and stress it caused. The host in question was not at fault, as the host was told not to worry about Pluto and tended to the other characters. Pluto, however, took things too far on a hot day, with huge crowds, and a rowdy kid with a protective mom. The end.'

A tip from an Anonymous person claims they THOUGHT this was the Pluto that quit but were wrong. This person does indeed still work in the Magic Kingdom.

The Thick Plottens.


Anonymous said...

I used to work in the Disneyland Character Department back in the 70s/80s. A couple of my friends are supervisors. They said that they initially thought this was the person who quit, but now they know otherwise -- the employee still works there.

Gavin Elster said...

With everything going against him in this video I'm surprised the cast memeber still works there. That person must be beloved by all.

I would have expected the park to fire this person unless they have some sort of golden handcuffs.

there a such a thing as a "foregiving manager" in the park?

Gavin Elster said...


(woodburning brainstove getting hot. halfbaked Idea ready!)

Oh I wish you didn't tell me that.

Gavin Elster said...

I promise not to publish the persons name or picture.

Anonymous said...

Just an update from my previous post -- I talked with my supervisor friends over the weekend. The person got off with a one-day suspension. He was completely forthright about the matter when management approached him. I guess that, and the fact that we had a good record, worked in his favor. All I can say is I'm glad that YouTube wasn't around when I was a character. I lost my temper on several occasions (not to the extent that the guy in Pluto did), but I always managed to rebound without causing such a scene. Anyway, you can retaliate against the more outrageous offenders in ways that are a lot less conspicuous, such as stepping on a kid's toes by "accident" (tee-hee!).