Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Good news.

I secured a job. I start this monday. It is still going to be a real tight week.
Thanks to contributions from readers like you:
Pen has low protien food.
He gets his home IV hydration which is pretty barbaric. It is basicly pouring Lactate Ringers (you old folk may remember that was the all purpose solution to everything on the show EMERGENCY!) under his skin. His body then absorbs the fluid and it in turn flushes out his kidneys. He gets a lump under his skin like he is a furry water bottle. Today he ate by himself but something new is going on. He doesnt want to lift his head. It may just be that he is in pain as the back of his neck is where the IV gets inserted.

Poor lil cat. He's not out of the woods but he is not starving and is willingly eating.
Thank you kind people. Pen is a good cat and his illlness happened at the wrong time.
I am in your debt and eternally grateful.


EmmaPeel007 said...

If you can swing it, get him a kitty drinking fountain too. I saw one for around $20.00 or less online. They basically recirculate water and keep it running - and we all know kitties prefer to drink running water. This may get him drinking more water on his own.

Molly -the greatest, friendliest talking black cat in the entire world - (and I'm sure you would agree) sends her love and says "Get well soon, Pen!"

Luke said...

Yay, pen! Yay, job!

EmmaPeel007 said...

Yeah, but funny how all of a sudden he goes on the new "Hollywood Air Diet" when he gets a job to get out of sporting next month's celebratory Pie Day...