Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I love the future. Clearly the future is a mall of full of idiots. (kinda like today) No one knows how anything works ya just know it does work. (also like present day)
Things we know as constants are gone. Government, taxes, suffering, disease, old age.
What a wonderful place to be an idiot.

Boy in 1976 this was THE film. What a film. I remember trying to see it at the Winnetka Drive-In but it was always sold out. The first time I saw it was looking out the back window of a Torino and listening to The Apple Dumpling Gang audio. Boy I wanted to be at screen #3 so bad it hurt. Even watching it without sound was great. After its theatrical run it became a staple film of ON tv. the local scrambled over the air cable station. (channel 52 oak broadcasting Corona) I watched that damn movie as much as I could. When the TV series came along you know damn well I never missed an episode. The TV show didn't seem to come fromt the same future as the film. The TV show had many different types of people living outside the domed Dallas mall. In fact the technology outside the dome seemed to be better than that of people inside the dome city.
The TV show was bad.
But it still had those great shots of the city. You know the ones. Buildings made of rainbow tape. It looks exactly like Ork the planet Mork came form.


EmmaPeel007 said...

I can just imagine looking a Michael York and hearing Don Knotts.

Luke said...

"Jeepers, Andy- there is no Sanctuary!"

I love highly practical future-clothes.