Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Presenting: Mr Jerkface with special guest star Mrs. Jerkface!

So pie day was thwarted by the simple fact that the pie place has not opened up as scheduled. Rats love pie so they must still be there eating away at all the yummy pies within.
Emma Peel and I returned to the ol' standby, Bob's Big Boy.
It was a nice pie break in the middle of a hot day.
As we left Emma noticed a dog in a Lexus. Now if you live in Southern California you know this to be fatal to dogs. This ugly yappy little droolbucket was not going to last an hour in that car as the sun was creeping across the trunk to the rear window.
I had the manager make an announcment and no one came to claim the dog. So I called the police. They were there in about 30 minutes. They took the inside temp of the car and determined it was too hot for the dog. She had the manager make one more announcment this time he said animal control was at the car and wanted to speak to the owner of the Lexus. Well it seems that was enough to have this ol' bastard drop his piefork and see if any damage was done to his car.

This is the car of an asshole.

This is his license-plate number.

This is his dog that will suffer more at the hands of a dottering old fool.

This is the fool.

He was cited.

Before the "dog police" left, the asshole scooped up the dog, threw him back into the car, closed the door and walked away.
He locked the dog back in the car again! Click the above picture to enlarge the image. You have to see how he threw the dog back in! He was leaning down to stay out of the view of the animal control cop sitting in the white van.

He goes and gets his wife and makes sure her half of a BIG BOY combo is safe before returning to the car.

She actually opened the door and said to the dog " Oh theres my baby. Are you all right? Whats going on ohhhhhh yeah."

They never gave the dog any water.

Oh and while the asshole was getting his ticket a car drove by and threw a firecraker at the old man and the cop.
This is the car that threw the firecracker.
Notice the Fire Department license frame? Shoulda called the cops on him too!


Luke said...

Wow. I missed the asshole magic!

Bill German said...

love your commentary, dogs should own humans. it is like people who bring pets to music events, dogs ears are so much more sensitive to loud music, i mean wtf

marybishop said...

my hero!

Luke said...

Oh, and our pie place is open now.