Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Neighborhood set 2. Sylvia Wood Harp Center

The local hot spot is Saliva Wood's Harp Haven.

At the local harp store there are only two holidays: (according to the window paintings that change twice a year.)
4th of July and Christmas.

This is the Christmas/Jewish Xmas window. If you look to the right you can see Jesus/Moses, on a rock, playing a harp.
After new years day it becomes Uncle Sam, on a rock, playing a harp. Uncle Sam is usually on the rock playing to the stature of liberty with a giant flag behind them. I'm sure its the same damn guy who paints the windows year after year. The windows are god awful.

If you need a harp or harp accessories this is the place.

Next up I'll show you the curious building across the street.


Ladron de Basura said...

Oh, I am enjoying these. I think even if we think our own neighborhood is boring, it's interesting for outsiders to see. I assume that this is Glendale? I remember a crusty, old liberal guy I knew in Pasadena always trashed it as being a bastion of uptight Republicans. His favorite line was, "They'd arrest you for burping in Glendale."

Magick_Films said...

It looks like Gavin has been touring the neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...

Saliva Wood? Interesting...