Monday, October 1, 2007

Anubis on the Thames

Anubis on the Thames, originally uploaded by IanVisits.

Nothing better than the God of the dead being carted around London.

Anubis was actually held up in customs causing him to be late picking up Lois Maxwell. Anubis was seen being carted back and forth on the river Thames while the tugboat pilot shouted over the loudspeaker " Lois Maxwell, Looking for Lois Maxwell." No one had the heart to tell the "God of the Dead" she is waiting for him in Austrailia.

Anubis continues to tool around London. Perhaps he will stop to pick up a HELLO magazine to find out where Lois is currently.

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ottobock said...

Anubis is being used by the Royalty *along with the Vatican* as a ritual to enter in a new era or open a new gate. That is what the crossed double key symbology is for at the Vatican. It kind of crosses like the skull and bones. Why two keys? Well, if you open up a new gate, one must lock the old gate. The display of King Tut for us peasents is simply a minor side show to all their rituals.

Look at the Egyption Obelisks at the Vatican and in London. They both have like 17 of the worlds 21 original ancient obelisks.

The Royals and the Vatican don't want to reveal that they are heavily into this but the symbology tells a much different story.

Funny how the Roylty is right in step with the pope, Blair just became a catholic, but they call England a protestant country.

All the world's a big stage and we are watching.