Thursday, October 18, 2007


His condition is a little worse. He cant seem to hold his head up. He walks around with his head down and looks at the floor when he walks. The vet tells me his inability to hold is head up IS, as my sister feared, due to a lack of potassium. The problem is you cannot give him potassium because too much will adversely affect his little kitty kidneys. The only chance he has of recovering is if the IV restores his kidney functions. The IV should give him enough potassium and give the him the ability to hold his head up. I just gave him the IV and he is resting.
He no longer meows but he does purr. Thats good.

The IV seems to help a little bit but he is clearly weak. The food he eats is perscription food from the vet and does not seem to upset him like normal food does.

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