Sunday, April 22, 2007

Remember those that television made you forget

While this VT massacre is fresh in every ones mind please don't forget the other high profile tragedies that our news media has milked.

Why it seems only yesterday that Laci Peterson was alive. Remember her? Sure ya do her face was on every tabloid and her crazy (and if you ask me just a touch gay) husband went on the run.

Dont forget Laci just because something new and horrible has happened.
To help you remember her here is a little song I just found while poking around on the internets.
I have to warn you I pee'd a little from laughing so hard.

Remembering Laci

The random clicks at the beginning had me thinking they were sync pops but soon realized they are part of something really... well... just something.

See! Tragedy can be funny as hell!

pilfered from WFMU


WAT said...

What a horrible song! Almost as bad as: SANTA CLAUS HAS GOT THE AIDS THIS YEAR.


Gavin Elster said...

dear god that was a TINY TIM song!

laurenbove said...

OMG: was that a joke?

You are a bad bad bunny, Gavin. Goin' straight to H.E. Double hockey sticks!

marybishop said...

I an nonplussed. How sappy can you get? This makes "Teen Angel" seem edgy.

Gavin Elster said...

its real.... and its not me.
How can anyone think thats a tribute?
I'm waiting for John Mark Karr's tribute to that lil dead girl ....oh... whats her name?

marybishop said...

Even though I's far away
Said I killed her, Jonbenet.
Got my picture in the books
Hope they liked my brand new looks.

No more beard, no facial hair,
Can you see my breast buds there?
I always knew I was a star.
Now you know me: John Mark Karr.

I dream of toddlers in my bed,
Fake foul murders in my head.
Like my kids alive and dead
Oh the life that I have led.

I always knew I was a star.
Now you know me: John Mark Karr.

Goes pretty good with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Anonymous said...

"Remembering Laci" was written and performed by John F. Strand, a guard at Tracy, California's Deuel Vocational Institution. Strand said he wished that he had been moved before Laci's May 4, 2003 memorial service but, "You can't orchestrate inspiration, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was inspired. I feel it's a song of comfort." I'm not sure if comfort is what you'll feel as you listen to "Remembering Laci," but you really haven't lived until you've heard a prison guard do a baby talk imitation of the unborn Conner Peterson. Stay tuned for the whispered "we love you" near the end. Apparently Officer Strand keeps the inmates in line by threatening to sing to them.

Gavin Elster said...

Holy cow MB where did that come from?

marybishop said...

My twisted mind...

Gavin Elster said...

Keep it handy for the next Karr flair-up. If I know my fox tv it should be sometime in the next 9 months.