Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter.

To celebrate the undeadening of the son of God I took a trip to South Pasadena. A pilgrimage to see one of the most famous houses in horror film history.

Michael Meyers house.

Inside this house Judith Meyers was stabbed to death by the clown-faced Michael.
The next time he was in that house he was the William Shatner faced devil himself.

I'm not looking forward to Rob Zombies Re-imagining of this classic low budget horror film.


Magick_Films said...
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Scot said...

They film way to fucking much in South Pas. I know, I used to live there. The freakin' movie truck would close down my street, or the main street leading to it, at least once a month.

Gavin Elster said...

Yep. they sure do.
And now your in the valley. Thats the OTHER place that is way overfilmed.

WAT said...

One of my all-time favorite horror movies.

"Laurie, first you thought you were hearing heavy breathing, now you're imagining obscene chewing?"


laurenbove said...

They over film in NYC too. Always some such bs closing down way more than needed way too long.

great pictures! Good coffee table book idea, yes?

Gavin Elster said...

LB i think you have a great idea there.

Oh new york is over filmed because the film commission gives the locations away. Wall sreet-FREE on a saturday if you pay for the cops and road blocks.

Magick_Films said...

Make it go back! Make it go back!

Scot said...

And I work in Brentwood which is used all the time too: sunset blvd, all the big houses.... just becaus ethe producer lives there they use it for the movie shoot.

Luke said...

I can't believe you think the valley is over-filmed. I never see filming here.

(Desperate Housewives is filming right around the corner from my apartment tonight and they've taken half the street parking on my block.)

Gavin Elster said...

Magick Films:
sorry. It doesnt work like that.

You live in the place that has more filming spilling out of UNIVERSAL than any place in the world. Its not an easy left out of the main gate and who has time to wait for a stoplight. The location coordinators are lazy.

WAT: My favorite is "Poor Lauire. Scared another one away."

SCOT: I would never in a million years let a film crew shoot where I live. Those mansions must be owned by goofballs.

laurenbove said...

Reaaaallly? Wall St.'s free? now, you wouldn't think that would be the case after nine-eleven. Hrm...Interesting.

So, THAT's why naked news is always shooting something or other "on wall st." Cheap ass sluts.

Actually it sort of makes sense since it's completely dead (no pun) down there after work hours. That'll change as more and more families and people are living down there.

Marko said...

Wow, sweet!