Monday, April 16, 2007

Yeah like that... now put your foot up behind you,no, to the front, on the tube in front...below. Yeah... now relax. Darling, twist your foot.

This is the most uncomfortable pose I have ever seen. Her foot looks like its going to twist off. Its a novel idea in marketing. If you cant get hands to show the product use feet.
Uh... your tube is showing.


marybishop said...

I did this with my Barbie and her leg fell off.

Gavin Elster said...

Did your Barbie have a boyfriend who had a bitchin' 1976 bicentenial van with huge pipes and was she forced to be in the Ad so he wouldn't have to pay the 200.00 a "professional" doll model?
(professional Doll model = Doll hooker from the doll dog track)

marybishop said...

Ken was, as we all know, was out shopping for new clothes with his best friend Bruce.

marybishop said...

A double was! was a mistake.