Friday, April 6, 2007

He doesnt like the new food.

So Pen, the cat, has always likes Whiskas Ground mealtime. Ever since the pet food recall this food has dissapeared. It is not part of the food recall yet it is nowhere to be found. Instead every store I have been in has tons of Nine-Lives brand cat slurry. He doesnt like it but is forced to eat it. Plus... It makes his catbox real stanky. yuck!
Where is the Whiskas?


marybishop said...

Oh the food problems with cats...hard enough to find something my little boy likes, now he's turning his nose up at just about anything but deli roast beef.

Friskies canned is more appreciated at our hacienda than 9 Lives...Fancy Feast used to do the trick, but not so much anymore.

Roast beef is always a winner.

Gavin Elster said...

Turkey is the A#1 preferred food. He gets crazy-shakey whenever he smells turkey. So thats his special treat AFTER he eats his nine-lives patented cat slurry.

laurenbove said...

awww... what a purty kitty. He looks like my Dilly used to..before she died last fall. So sad.

Turkey flavored nine lives? Turkey mixed in with nine lives?

Jerry Patrick said...

Oh Pennifers! Look how handsome he is! Turkey and Giblets are are my kids favorite meal de jour.

Timo said...

TanQ was not affected by the recall. she has, however, decided that it's fun to go on a hunger strike and not eat any of the food i put out for her. 4 different cans were snubbed the other night.

and then she cries and cries. hours later she will eat the food.