Friday, April 6, 2007

They could have called it something else!

The Walt Disney Co. announced yesterday that it would open its "Fairytale Wedding" program to same-sex couples in response to criticism of its policies from in early March.

The "Fairytale Wedding" package includes "a wedding planner, the ceremony, food and beverages, flowers and table decorations" according to Reuters, and is available for $8,000. An upgraded version of the package includes "a ride to the ceremony in the Cinderella coach, costumed trumpeters heralding the couple's arrival, and attendance by Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters dressed in formal attire."

Disney's policy had limited same-sex couples to renting meeting rooms at the resort for weddings and commitment ceremonies but had barred them from using locations at the Disney resorts created specifically for weddings.

Said Disney Parks and Resorts spokesman Donn Walker: "We are updating our Fairy Tale Wedding guidelines to include commitment ceremonies. This is consistent with our policy of creating a welcoming, respectful and inclusive environment for all of our guests. We are not in the business of making judgments about the lifestyle of our guests. We are in the hospitality business and our parks and resorts are open to everyone"


marybishop said...

I hate new blogger...I did comment here, but nope, nothing to be seen.

Ever notice that word verification starts out like this: uuhhiijjkkppnu

You try to put it in, you screw up, then it comes back to you again, now in stupid mode: sofapj

I never even attempt the first wv...just skip to the stupid one.

Gavin Elster said...

I dig the handicapped wheelchair verification. its better for me because it dosen't kick back like the word verification does.

Gavin Elster said...

Oh wait... where did the audio verification go?

laurenbove said...

uh, i tried the wheelchair thingie and someone was speaking in tongues on my puter...could it be...Satan?

UH: I like the policy but wish they'd remove the word "Lifestyle". Is being Heterosexual considered a lifestyle? It's a stupid flippant word and I hate it.

Other than that, goodonya Disney. (Never thought I'd say that.)

Jerry Patrick said...

How gay is this?

marybishop said...

I'm going to have bad dreams after listening to the wheelchair verification...