Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I was going to go off on a movie currently in production but I dont have the energy.

I'll tell you the title and you can tell me why I'm pissed its being made.... ok?



Luke said...

Because Will Smith isn't Vincent Price OR Charlton Heston?

"Vampires??? AWWWW, HELL NAW!"

Gavin Elster said...

Last man on earth and omega man said it all.

laurenbove said...

It was vampires that everyone turned into in Matheson's original Novel. Sounds like one of my dreams. I seem to always have these post-apocalyptic epic dreams during which I think, this should be a book or a movie.

marybishop said...

The title is missing an article before the word legend, that's why you're pissed.

Gavin Elster said...

Here is the low down:
Richard Matheson is the father of the "you'll get yours" script. Twilight Zone showcased some of his best ideas. As much as I love Matheson his stories now have predictability since I grew up enjoying his stories. We all did.
I want to see stories like this made however I dont think they will be popular with todays movie going folk. Its too sappy. Its as uniteresting as vaudville is to a teenager. It's time has passed.

I can promise you this:
1. it will not be like the Matheson story.
2. Happy ending.

Luke said...

How can you say it won't be like the original story? Look how "I, Robot" stuck exactly to Asimov's vision!

I picture a vast underground government complex where the "vampire virus" was engineered. Will discovers that the secret lab also manufactured an antidote- but to release it he has to disengage the safety locks, and that requires some daredevil stunts. It looks like Will, surrounded by pseudovampires, wont make it- but just as Will gets bitten by the leader of the vampires, he screams "AW, HELLLL NAH!" , kills the leader, reaches the button, and passes out. Will then wakes up surrounded by loved ones, freshly cured by the anti-virus.

I should be writing scrips!

Luke said...

SCRIPTS, even!

WAT said...

Oh God no. Please no more Will Smith.