Saturday, July 5, 2008

THE ZONE. A nice front.

A while ago I posted about the mysterious place that popped up at the corner of Glendale and Glenoaks. That post is here.

It is indeed a Laser Tag center.

Well that place is now open so I decided to go take a look. This is no high tech place. In fact the Laser Tag is oddly downplayed. Upon entering you get the feeling you are in a dentists office that has a giant ball pit in the waiting room.

This is no place for a child. Something is wrong here. I walked from the front door all the way to the back without even being asked a single question. On my way back to the front door I was finally asked "Are you here for the party?" The woman who asked it was oddly upbeat with a little twinkle in her eye. The same twinkle I get when I find money in my jeans when I'm taking them out of the dryer.

I told her no and her twinkle vanished. Her cataracts returned and she went back to doing whatever it was she was doing. I asked if they had brochure and she made clicking sounds with her tongue which was a code for a very young girl to get the info for me. She went to the front desk and it took her a few minutes to dig out a stapled xeroxed two page booking sheet for this place.

One glance and I actually said "blog" out loud and left.

This is the most kid un-friendly place I have ever seen. What she gave me was a booking sheet that contains prices and rules for parties.

Here is what you get if you pay $525.00 for a two hour party for 20 kids and 22 adults:
Two pizzas (for the kids only)
drinks (for the kids only)
Birthday invitations
Cups plates forks
A birthday present for the child (better be a PS3!)
A Jungle birthday cake.

But wait!!!

15% tip to be added onto that price.

$75.00 if anyone in your party shows up 10 minutes or more before the party.

$75.00 if anyone leaves 10 minutes late.

No presents are to be opened on the property. (Wait what?)

No outside food is allowed. (That includes anything you might need for an infant like...formula.)

Everyone must wear clean socks. (They will check.)

For an additional $125.00 the adults can have sodas and a Greek salad. (That is called Fun Package #2)

You must book 6 months in advance and fork over a nonrefundable cash deposit of $200.00

$15.00 for each additional child.

$10.00 for each additional adult. (considering they get nothing and can do nothing this seems... fair.)

Additional hour is $150.00

If you have any " Themed paper party goods" you wish to decorate with, you must drop them off 3 days prior to the party and they must not be placed on the walls. (so... what happens to them in the three days they are there? I can't arrive early to put them up. Wait... I cant even put them up.)

The last party on a Saturday must be over by 8:30pm yet, for some odd reason, they are open til midnight.

Sounds like fun. I wonder how much money gets laundered there?


Anonymous said...

Are you not making a lot of assumptions about this place? I wonder why the Zone was completely booked with birthday parties for all of June 2008. Why don't you get your facts right before you make any comments about this place.

Neighbors of The Zone.

Gavin Elster said...

My facts about the rates and policies are correct.
As for why it was booked you got me?

Gavin Elster said...

Nothing? You have no reply "Neighbors of The Zone?"

Yeah I thought not.